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How to get EyeToy USB Camera working in Windows?

DragonWolf asked
Last Modified: 2011-08-18
Hi Experts,

    My friend has bought the EyeToy package you can get with the PS2 and it comes with a Namtai USB Camera. I've tried searching google and various driver sites but it seems no one has released any drivers for the PC for this camera.

    In the device manager in windows 2000 it recognises the device when I connect it as a "EyeToy USB camera Namtai".

    I was wondering if anyone might know how I might get this camera working on a PC?



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WakeupSpecialist 1

An answer...but one you won't like...

Well, the issues you will have is of course the drivers.  The second thing is the games....
if you can't find drivers, you won't have any luck initializing the device.  

If you find the drivers, then the next thing is finding a game that will support that device.
Unless you can get the eyetoy camera to function as a Joystick...or if it is assignable as a joystick...then you should have no problems...but I dont know that much about the device...
Top Expert 2012

If you can see it in the device drivers, it may be automatically recognized as a USB device.  Download HomeWatcher software and install it - if you can choose the camera as a source, it is very likely you will be able to see video.  If you can see video, then it works.
i would have to concur..

sony has no intentions of making a pc driver available for the camera. contact them if you like.
there is a chance that some1 out there has the ps2 developers code and has figured a way to make pc drivers, but as this is not so legal im guessing that they would rather hard to find

i realise that you have a camera znd want to possibly make it work on your sys, but the cost of a seperate cam that was made for the pc is relatively cheap.

cost of time wasted finding a driver > cost of new webcam

WakeupSpecialist 1

Well the eyetoy is not just a camera...it is used to play games...it watches your movements and based on the movements it does whatever it is designed to do...move left move right up down...or whatever....
You could try the OEM's drivers:
(Omnivision OEM's these for EyeToy)


Thanks for the suggestions...

I tried installing the OEM's but windows couldn't find any compatible drivers and HomeWatcher couldn't detect the camera. I'm quite happy to go out and buy a webcam, I'm mostly doing this just to see if it can be done.

WakeUp: I should have said in my first post, I don't plan on using the camera for any games, only as a webcam.
WakeupSpecialist 1

Ahh...I see....ya either way, I couldn't find drivers specifically for any Windows OS for your camera....you may try emailing the company, or the manufacturer....maybe they have a stash of unreleased drivers?
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Adapted Summary : "For the uninitiated, you need Drivers for most hardware, The Eyetoy is just a simple webcam chip based on ordinary webcams, but you need to get the EXACT chipset and get Windows to accept it, the above tells you about it"
Well my answer works :P, it is possible... although tbh I can't take the credit for it, I found the info on what chip it uses from google..
Thanks very much :) Hopefully this will serve useful to other EyeToy owners like myself :)