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Capability not supported error with SQLServer and ODBC - is there a solution?

rmaranhao asked
Last Modified: 2011-09-20
The following query:

select * from table where (1=1)  and ForignKey in  ( 0, 2, 3 )

returns an error if I try to open it with RequestLive set to true. If I set RequestLive to false then it opens ok.

I need to edit the values returned by this query. Is there a way??

I know that using ADO will solve my problem but since I am planning to run this program with other databases I cannot switch to ADO right now.

Delphi 5, updates 1 and 2.
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Top Expert 2004

you have to use a TUpdateSQL attached as
UpdateObject (property)
of your tquery and run the
query with cachedUpdates(property) = true

to set the insert/update/delete statements
just use the wizard, which comes up with a dblClick

don't forget to use


in the afterpost and afterdelete-events

just tell me, if this may a way for you

btw. ado supports also multiple databases

meikl ;-)


Ok. This solves one problem.
What I still don't understand is why won't the BDE allow me to run this simple query requesting live....

Do you know what clauses will require the UpdateObject even if I am using a single table?

In this specific case I have the following problem: The table I am selecting changes, so I cannot use the wizard to create the Insert/Update/Delete commands. I have no problems with SQL and can do this programatically, but I'd really like to find a more simple and direct solution.

Thanks for the prompt advice,
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I'm sorry it took me so long to grade the answer.
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