Can't get my out of office to work!!

Ok here I go with more, hopefully easy, questions.

There are only 4 people set up so far on our Lotus Notes 6.03.
the admin
another person who is an admin
and yet another person who is an admin
and a test user, who is just a joe schmo regular user

Why does my out of office agent not run!
On the console you see the following:

AMgr: Agent 'Out of Office Out of Office' in 'mail\myname.nsf' does not have proper execution access, cannot be run

Our regular ol' test user guy's out of office works JUST FINE!  The main difference between our regular test user, and me as an admin, is that I am "migrated" from ccmail.  So i figured maybe that's it and deleted me and my mail file, and registered me normally with no migration, so it was basically the same as test user's setup, except he wasn't made an admin with manager access.  Mine still doesnt work. I have manager access to my ACL, shouldn't it just work by default?   So I guess I am a total newbie :(  Can't figure this out.  Another thing that is kind of related, when we on the files tab, and you go to mail, when we are in as admin we cannot view the other admins databases. Is that by design? When I put the admin in my ACL it's fine.  

Any ideas on the out of office?  I know someone will probably say ECL so let me address that first.  We have left it as default, and I wouldn't know what to put in, especially since someone's out of office works already and they have less access than me :(
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Did you tr restarting the server ? If so check your server doc...In your server document under security look for Run Restricted LotusScript Agent parameter by default it is blank meanin no one can run restricted agents, set this to a group or organization unit and restart the server.


and also check whether the OOO is enabled on Server.

Hemanth solution should work.
kjbbnkAuthor Commented:
YES!!!!  that did it hemanth, thank you so much!  It was the Run Restricted LotusScript Agent parameter.  I feel so much better now thanks!!
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