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Paulmul asked
Last Modified: 2010-03-04

I'm running apache on Redhat 9.0 I need to run an experiment for several hours, I have been trying to run it over night but the server (my machine) keeps timing out. Is there anyway to change the server timeout? I am running a perl script which runs for a while then I get a timeout error.

Any help greatly appreciated,

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What is the perl script doing?  How about looking in the apache log usually in /etc/httpd/logs/error_log

To change the timeout rate in the httpd.conf you go to the line that says

# Timeout: The number of seconds before receives and sends time out.
Timeout 300


Here is some more info. on the timeout rate:

TimeOut Directive
Description: Amount of time the server will wait for certain events before failing a request
Syntax: TimeOut seconds
Default: TimeOut 300
Context: server config
Status: Core
Module: core

The TimeOut directive currently defines the amount of time Apache will wait for three things:

The total amount of time it takes to receive a GET request.
The amount of time between receipt of TCP packets on a POST or PUT request.
The amount of time between ACKs on transmissions of TCP packets in responses.
We plan on making these separately configurable at some point down the road. The timer used to default to 1200 before 1.2, but has been lowered to 300 which is still far more than necessary in most situations. It is not set any lower by default because there may still be odd places in the code where the timer is not reset when a packet is sent.


If I change the server timeout settings do I have to recompile apache or somthing? I changed it to a much alger number than 300 and I still get a timeout after 300 seconds.


After any changes are made to the httpd.conf you have to restart apache so that the changes take effect.
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