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Wireless router thru a wired router?

lionelman asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-14
I currently have a Linksys BEFSR41 DSL router in place. I live in an old brick home and running wires isn't easy. Can I run a Linksys BEFW11S4 thru the wired router that I presently have?  Thank You
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Fatal_ExceptionSystems Engineer
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Yea....  but why do you want to..???  Are you placing the 2nd router in another location..??  Why not replace it with the wireless..??  just curious..   Or do you want to run different subnets within the home..??
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What you should do is simply purchase the WAP11 instead of the BEFW11S4 since you already have the routing function setup.  The Wireless Access Point will simply plug into your router and will act as an extension to your wired LAN.  It will not interfere with your other routing processes as it is simply acting as a "wireless switch".
A   WAP   cost just as much   as  BEFW11S4  you can   get it  after rebate  under  $50.00 and more  realistic

The simplest no downtime solution would be to put your wireless router as another (preferably static IP) host on your existing router. In order to put it as a static ip host you will need DNS information, that you can find on status page of your existing router, if you dont have it memorized. Will save you a phone call and get around some inertia. Once you have that you should start seeing the wireless signal and connect to it either as a dhcp host or as a static IP host. I would suggest as a dhcp host though.

Caution: I'am not sure how difficult it would be to get the windows file sharing to work though.

Fatal_ExceptionSystems Engineer
Top Expert 2005

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