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System.Windows.Forms.Button Question

LazyStudent asked
Last Modified: 2006-11-17
I would like to know - how can I resize programaticaly width of the button accordingly to text it contains?
I tried to do it by this way:
----------------------- CODE -----------------------
Graphics grfx = btn.CreateGraphics();
int iWidth = grfx.MeasureString(btn.Text, btn.Font).ToSize().Width;
btn.Size = new Size(iWidth+20, 32);
-------------------- END OF CODE -----------------

but seems like this width didn't fit at all... I assume that I have count border width of the button ( +20 - is trying to do so ) but I don't know how to get border width precisely also.

If somebody know the robust way ( dependent on Font size, type, bold/normal etc. ) to resize button width - please let me know
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Dim g As Grapics = Button1.CreateGraphics()
  Dim size As SizeF = g.MeasureString(string1, Button1.Font)

Then size.Width will have the width in pixels of the string as it would be if
drawn in Button1

Now if you need convert pixels to whatever you need

must be
Dim g As Graphics = Button1.CreateGraphics()
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It appears that the button is too wide, is this a correct assumption?  How much of a margin do you want for the text?  Is the TextAlign centered for button?


it doesn't differ from the code fragment I wrote... and it DOESN'T work good. The text is longer that button width measured by this way...


TheLearnedOne  - no - it appears that button is to small. TextAlign has nothing to do with it - since is notthing to align - text just doesn't fit button width:-(
it is different
I dim size as  Dim size As SizeF
 while you have it as integer

I have tried this code and it works fine


iboutchkine : come on... method ToSize() is intended to convert SizeF to Size which performs floor convertion on float values of the SizeF to integers so (if you tested it) there is no way (as well as I know) to set width for the button with no convertion from float.
When I tried my code ( and it is the same like your proposal ) it didn't worked for me. Can you publish your test code please?
try this

       Dim g As Graphics = Button1.CreateGraphics()
        Dim size As SizeF = g.MeasureString(Button1.Text, Button1.Font)

        Dim WidthOld As Double = Button1.Width
        Dim WidthNew As Double
        Button1.Text = "this is a long text that does not fit the button"
        Dim sizeNew As SizeF = g.MeasureString(Button1.Text, Button1.Font)
        WidthNew = sizeNew.Width * WidthOld / size.Width
        Button1.Width = WidthNew


iboutchkine : hm... in your example button width is much much more than needed for string "this is a long text that does not fit the button" and you use previous text of the button as proportion measure that can be not right....
I am looking for way to define button width that, say, is 5 pixel border from right and left side of the text for example.
In other word - I need to know EXACT width of the button that fits 100% ( and not approximately ) to text it contains.
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