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How to stop DTS for few second

pg_india asked
Last Modified: 2013-11-30
I am using DTS(VB Script Task) to scan a folder for availability of 3 files. if the files are not present the DTS should wait till the files are placed manually. I am achieving this by using a while loop and coming out of loop when the file is there. File checking i am using scripting object. But the problem with this method is that THE CPU UTILIZATION IS 100% as the while loop is running always. IS THERE A WAY SO THAT THE TASK SHOULD "SLEEP" FOR SOME TIME LETS SAY 1 MINUTE/5 MINUTE AND AFTER THAT AGAIN START OVER..something like sleep command?

Help needed..
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I would say your best bet would be to take the while loop out of there. Have the package execute if the file is there. So basically set it to run once, look for the file, if the file is there great do its thing, if not then exit.

Then schedule this DTS package to run as a job on the SQL Server. Have it run on whatever frequency you want. You can do this by right clicking on the DTS package after going to the Data Transformation Services -- > Local Packages area in Enterprise Manager. Right click on the package and click schedule job.
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The command is not working. Do i need to create any object and set it.

thanks for your reply.

Also is there some timer concept in DTS

No need to create any object

I created a sample .vbs on my machine to test
it has the two following lines
Wscript.echo "hello"
it displays a message box  after 10 secs

maybe wscript comes with recent (5.5 and above i guess) versions of IE

at my site it is on each and every server that has received the normal security patches / service packs

I'll have a look on google and see if I can come up with more precise information



i am getting error with this object.
i am using waitfor function provided by SQL.

thanks for your help.
points urs
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