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Unable to drag and drop message from Outlook 2002 search result folder.

JConchie asked
Last Modified: 2010-08-05
Have a XPro machine running office 2002 pro (Office XP Pro) and connecting to an Exchange 2000 server.

When you do a search for messages, you cannot drag and drop any message from the search result window to other ourlook folders........

However, you CAN highlight a message or messages in the search results window and right click (or go to the edit menu)
and use "move to folder/copy to folder" to successfully move the message.

Drag and Drop works fine in these circumstances on other machines........any suggestions as to why it is not working on this one?
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Is this client machine specific or user account or mailbox specific?

I'd start first by launching Outlook with the /cleanfinders switch.  Albeit fairly uncommon, I have seen this get damaged and cause search results to stop working correctly.


There is only one mailbox (exchange server based) set up in Outlook on this machine.  Is that what you are asking?
please give directions to launch outlook with the /cleanfinders switch.  Never heard of this.


Googled the /cleanfinders switch and tried it........still getting a "can't move the items" message when I drag and drop

not exactly.
Is this only happening on 1 machine, no matter who logs in to it?
Does this only affect 1 user and if that user goes to a different computer, does it follow them?

To start Outlook with one of the supported switches:
Click on Start
run: outlook /cleanfinders



I think we are getting somewhere:  it seems to be machine/mailbox specific........that is to say:

If I open his mailbox on another machine (his laptop in this case), I can drag and drop from the search result window.
If I opem my mailbox on his desktop, I can drag and drop from the search window.
It is only opening his mailbox on his desktop that does not work.

At this point, unless you think there is something better to do, I am thinking of deleting his profile in Outlook on the desk top and re-creating it................

I'd first create a new parallel mail profile. Don't touch the existing one... yet. If the new one works, then go back and delete the old one.
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Thanks for the help,
Your link seemed to point to the cause..........some sort of Com conflict.  We are using both our NBX digital phone dialer out of Outlook contacts, and an digital phone extension based on this computer.......plus he has a bunch of other junk on it too.
In the end, I nuked and paved Office and re-installed and re-configured.........all has worked fine since then.


I had a 20 point signpost question, pointing here,  at:

If you want to say hi there, I can close it out and give you those points too.
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