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mycompany web page title. How do  I change the name.

BTennis asked
Last Modified: 2010-05-18
Where can I locate the place to change the default name of the "mycompany" webpage name in WindowsSBS 2003?
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If you are taliking about the default index.htm file
<title>Web page title</title>
How goes it stevenlewis? Haven't bumped into you in a while.


As another stab at guessing what you are looking for... do you mean the url http://companyweb? You can within DNS create another alias for the server and call it whatever you wish just give it the same IP address as your server. So you could create a method of accessing the site as http://acme and it would bring up your intranet site.
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Going OK King! and You?

>>As another stab at guessing what you are looking for
That's how it is sometimes LOL
Can't complain-- not that anyone's listening, right?

Ha, ha. It's almost surgical, huh?

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Sorry for jackin' your post here. Any feedback for us?

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