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ORACLE "SP2-0734 Unknown Command" ERROR

tim-m asked
Last Modified: 2011-08-18
Oracle runs fine, but when I try to run a script using an
"ORGANIZATION EXTERNAL" Clause I get an "SP2-0734 Unknown Command" ERROR. I found some documentation on the web and it said to check the PATH.

This is a copy of my PATH
"D:\oracle\ora90\bin;D:\oracle\ora90\Apache\Perl\5.00503\bin\mswin32-x86;C:\Program Files\Oracle\jre\1.1.8\bin;%SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem;C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\BINN"

Any suggestions?

Thank You!
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How about showing full script what you tried?

Your script is for moving data from flat file to ORACLE?

And...  are you sure You created a DIRECTORY  for flat file?


create directory EQUIPMENT_DIR as 'c:\Inventory\Equipment\CBR';

create table CBR_EQUIPMENT(
ITEM                VARCHAR2(44),
NSN                      VARCHAR2(16),
SUB_COMPONENT            VARCHAR2(20),
PART_NO                  VARCHAR2(20),
MFR                  VARCHAR2(5),
SERIAL_NO            VARCHAR2(20),
UNIT_ISSUE            VARCHAR2(15),
DIAMETER            NUMBER(6,2),
CUBE                  NUMBER(6,2),
TOTAL_CUBE            NUMBER(7,2),
HEIGHT                  NUMBER(6,2),
WIDTH                  NUMBER(7,2),
LENGTH                  NUMBER(6,2),
SQ_FT_PER_ITEM            NUMBER(7,2),
TOTAL_SQ_FT            NUMBER(9,2),
ITEM_PRICE            NUMBER(6,2),
TOTAL_COST            NUMBER(8,2),
PM_CYCLE            NUMBER(2),
LAST_PM                  DATE,
NEXT_PM_DUE            DATE,
PM_STATUS            VARCHAR2(10),
TOTAL_MAN_HRS            NUMBER(5,2),
CAL_CYCLE            NUMBER(2),
LAST_CAL_DATE            DATE,
NEXT_CAL_DUE            DATE,
CAL_STATUS            VARCHAR2(10),
RAD_CYCLE            NUMBER(2),
LAST_RAD_TEST            DATE,
NEXT_RAD_TEST            DATE,
RAD_STATUS            VARCHAR2(10),
LOCATION            VARCHAR2(10),
SIZE                  VARCHAR2(5),
LOT                  VARCHAR2(20),
EXP_DATE            DATE,
MRF_DATE            DATE,
ON_HAND                  NUMBER(6),
ISSUED                  NUMBER(6),
MISC                  NUMBER(6),
SUB_TOTAL            NUMBER(6),
TOTAL                  NUMBER(6)

organization external
   type oracle_loader
   default directory EQUIPMENT_DIR
   access parameters
      records delimited by newline
      fields terminated by ','
location ('CBR_EXT.csv')

reject limit 2000;
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So bottom line... No blank line...?

Thank you
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