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300 point to get this one fixed...Apache https errors

EaglePress asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-20
Please use this link to go to the original posting.  This is a "must fix" and i am posting it in a couple different sections.  I will evern consider adding more point for a quick solution.  Thanks in advance.
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A bit more information just in case you are interested.  Please use the above link to post answers/suggestions to the original posting.

RH Linux6.2
Apache, ApacheSSL, Secure certificate from Verisign
I had to replace a crashed HDD and reinstall everything.  I have finally got most things going again.  Now the only issue remaining is I cannot view any of my pages that are secure (using SSL https://).  When i try to use https://website.com the default error web page shows and I get the message "Cannot find server or DNS Error".  But if i try to view the same page using http://website.com (without the "s") the page shows.  Also when i initially go to the secure page I am prompted to install/view/allow the secure certificate so I am pretty sure the certificate is installed correctly.  The /etc/rc.d/init.d/httpsd service is running w/ 8 sessions showing when i do a ps -ax command.  Nothing relevant in the error_log file, i think.  Using standard port 443 for SSL and 80 for regular.  This happens inside or outside the network, no firewall changes have been made.  Please help...very urgent...mucho points!!!


I figured it out!!! With some help from a local linux guru.
After hours or scouring the httpsd.conf and httpd.conf file for errors and researching error messages from the error_log file the problem was actually caused by the apache rpm.  For some reason upgrading from the initially installed fromt he RH 6.2 cd (apache-1.3.12-2) to (apache-1.3.27-1.6.2) solved the problem.  Of course i had to remove any reference to httpsd and modify the httpd.conf file but erverything works fine now.  Even the segmentation fault error is gone.  My theory on the segmentation fault error is:  During the installation of apache-ssl-1.3.6_1.35-3 rpm i received a failed dependency message:
/usr/local/bin/perl5 is needed by apache-ssl-1.3.6_1.35-3.  Well perl5 is installed at /usr/bin/perl5 by default from the installation cd.  According to Redhat listgroups (https://listman.redhat.com/archives/redhat-list/2000-May/msg00555.html) installing apache-ssl w/ the --nodeps option satisfies the dependency.  Yes it does satisfy the dependency but apache-ssl still requires access to perl5.  Using --nodeps the apache-ssl has no idea where to find perl5 when it needs it.  Thus the segmentation fault error is caused by apache-ssl looking for perl5 and not finding it.   I guess the updated version of apache has the ssl feature already available without having to install a seperate rpm.
Hope this helps someone else.  I have surely spend WAY too many hours on this one.
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