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There is no power to the motherboard?

Army4God asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-26
I recieved all the parts for my new computer,

Motherboard - GA-8knxp (gigabyte)

Processor - intel P4 3.2

Memory - 2 GB Corsair xms 3200 ram

Power - thermaltake Silent Purepower 480w

Now I have completely assembled and dissasembled everythign I have three times.  Nothing comes on no lights, sounds, fans spinning...its as if there is no power at all.  I have tried three different power supply's and have stripped off everything except the atx and 12v and the ram and tried plugging it in to see if any power.  Still nothing.  I am not sure what else I can do.  I even took the processor off to make sure i had it installed right.  I read on a forum to take my mobo out of the computer case and try it that way because it may be touching metal.  Still nothing when I tried this.  Is there any other way to tell. There has been absolutly no power since I have recieved it.
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sounds suspisciously like a doa motherboard, if you just got it I would return it for another one...
Top Expert 2012

You should check the cpu as well, in case it's dead.  What video card did you use?  That has to be working also.
board would still power up without the video, the fans, leds etc would still come up, it really sounds like a doa board...
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That's an experiment I need to try again - I remember a faulty video card prevented my system from booting at all, as in nothing happened.  It might be different from not having any video card in place.
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you may wanna make sure its actually on the right pins as well. Its easy to overlap.

hehe, so which 1 was it?
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