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Win98 Printer Driver will not work with WinXP Pro - No XP Version Available!

Pinecrest asked
Last Modified: 2008-02-01
I own a LMI Laser Engraver (with Win98 print drivers) that the manufacturer no longer provides print driver upgrades for. I upgraded my operating system from Win98SE to WinXP Pro and cannot install the Win98 print drivers in WinXP. When you click Finish in the Add Printer Wizard, you receive the following error message:
Printer driver was not installed. Operation could not be completed.
This behavior occurs if you install a Microsoft Windows 95-based, Microsoft Windows 98-based, or Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition-based printer driver in Microsoft Windows XP. The Windows 95-based and Windows 98-based printer drivers are not compatible with Windows XP or Windows .NET.
Are there any worarounds or patches to solve this problem?
ANY IDEAS would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!
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Win95/98/Me drivers will not work under NT/2000/XP.

Do you have any idea what kind of command set your printer supports? Is it perhaps PCL (HP) or ESC/P (Epson)? If you know that, you should be able to find another driver that works with your printer.

If your printer uses a unique command set (which I consider unlikely - it is usually to the manufacturer's advantage to use a common set of commands), your only option may be to dedicate an old Win98 PC to this printer.
I think you probably only have a few options:

1. As hdhondt suggests use an old pc with Win98 on it to drive your laser engraver
2. Ask the laser engraver manufacturer for the file format of the engraver driver so that you can create a new one.
3. Install Win98 as a separate OS on your WinXP machine and have all the applications you use with the engraving m/c in the Win98 partition. To an extent this obviates the value of the WinXP up-grade for your engraver application but it might be the only way to overcome the problem. You could by the way install Win98, for example on a separate hard drive and keep all the relevant Win98 applications on that drive with that OS. However it is not necessary to have an extra hard drive to install another OS.
wyliecoyoteukIT director

What make/model is the LMI engraver?
Are there any NT4 or 2000 drivers available?
They often work with XP.
As hdhondt says, if it supports PCL, the HP laserjet 4 works  OK for many printers.
If on the other hand, if it is a GDI printer, than there is very little chance that it will work with anything  other than 95,98,or ME.


First of all, Thank You to those who are responding to this question! I'm new to EE so bear with me. I still have to figure out how this all works with awardinig points and closing out questions.
The laser engraver is a SE225CV and is capable of raster engraving and vector cutting. The print driver window has settings for DPI, laser power & speed settings which can be assigned to the different colors of your design, rubber stamp mode, rotary attachment mode and several other settings which I leave set to defaults. So as you can see, I guess this is not an ordinary printer driver. I print from Corel Draw 11 which is the design program I use with the engraver.  I currently am designing on the WinXP PC and transfering the files via LAN to the Win98 PC for engraving the files and when I have to engrave 100 different files this is very non-productive, time consuming and the extra PC required takes up space I don't have.
It appears that there is no magic fix or patch for this problem. I guess I just figured that somewhere, somehow with todays technology there was a patch or program to reverse engineer the print driver to make it compatable with WinXP, guess I figured wrong! Thanks Again for your help!

It's one of the reasons why I often tell people to avoid upgrading unless they need the features of the new version. If the old version does everything you need, why upgrade? All you'll be doing is to swap an old set of bugs (which you may never have noticed) for a new set (which you might notice).

Your solution sounds like the only one, unless the supplier feels like producing an XP driver.
wyliecoyoteukIT director

I think that the problem is that it is not just a print driver, it is a windows 98 application on a windows 98 Printserver, which drives the laser directly, and just "pretends" to be a print driver.
wyliecoyoteukIT director

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