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cannot see RAID1 array after reformat

stigmata53 asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-03
Hi all,

I had a raid 1 mirror as my data drive (not boot drive) and after I reformatted & installed Win2k I cannot see it as a drive letter anymore.

The raid card drivers are installed OK & the management software can see the array, but I don't see it in explorer.

The card is an Adaptec ATA 1200A
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Have you tried checking in win2k's disk management (my computer -> manage -> disk management)? Have a look if you see it there, could be you need to activate it or assign a drive letter to it before win2k can use it in explorer.


Thanks for the prompt response,

In disk mgmt, it shows dynamic disk 1 and says 'Foreign' with a yellow question mark next to 'disk 1'

If I right click and select 'import foriegn disks' it immediately errors saying 'INTERNAL ERROR - Disk group has no valid configuration copies'

If I right click and select 'revert to basic disk it says that I will lose my data.

I'm sure it has to remain as a dynamic disk.
You might want to have a look at the following link from microsoft:

Basically your Logical Disk Management Database in windows 2000 isn't the same anymore and this causes windows to bug out on you. I know the information in the link isn't exactly what you described in your first question but there are great parallels, so i think this would apply to you as well.


It could be similar but,
It says that problem was first fixed in sp3 & I've been using sp4 since it came out.

I don't really want to phone M$ for help either.

I've been thinking about breaking the mirror, doing a clean format on one of the disks, then putting them back in & trying to rebiuld the array, hoping that when it gets rebuilt It will appear in explorer.

What do you think?
Well in theory that should rebuild your LDM as well, so w2k should be able to use it again, either detecting it straight away or allowing you to import it again.
You wouldn't happen to have a back-up of the data on the raid would you? just so you would be able to get it back again if this doesnt work? if not gimme another half hour maybe i can dig up some more information.


I'll try to get 1 disk online and back it up, & wait to hear back from you.
This one is on us!
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That article looks very promising,

I can't yet figure out how to use the dmpss tool.

I mounted one disk as a slave drive & backed everything up to my laptop, so at least the data is safe.

If I can't figure out the dmpss tool I'm thinking of just deleting the array & starting again, but this seems a little extreme
Maybe this article will give you some more clues on how to proceed with the dmpss tool, but as you where able to get the data backed up it might be easier to indeed just delete & recreate the mirror and restore your data.




After many hours playing around with the dmpss tool I still could not get it to work.

In the end I deleted the mirror, then recreated & was forced to reformat the drives & put my backed up data back onto the array.

I'm gonna ive you the points for your help & I'm sure that the dmpss tool was the right tool for the job, if only I could figure out how to work it :)

Sorry i couldn't offer more assistance and you had to resort to that option, thanks for the points appreciate it.
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