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want daughters hotmail passwords

greg420 asked
Last Modified: 2011-08-18
my daughter has been sending and receiving questionable matterial in her hotmail account and i wish i had her password. where can i find it within windows
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Make her sign an acceptable usage agreement - works for companies!

You can always try putting a sniffer on your home network - generally a violation of her right to privacy but if the US government can do it then it must be OK.

Greg... I really don't see how this is gonna get you anywhere.
What you're offering is not only offensive and intrusive, it's breaking the law.
Even if she's a minor, i don't belive this gives you any right to violate her privacy.
If you want to cut off her access to "questionable material" (whatever the hell that is)
cut off her internet access, or use a firmer policy on her user account(be glad to help
you with that) but even if i could help you with what you're asking... no chance i would have.


You MIGHT be able to wheedle your way through the flappers at MSN to get to someone that can help you with parental controls on a local system, but that won't help you with any access done from another system...  Good luck!

Junk mail is junk mail. Just because she recieves porn or whatever doesn't mean she signed up for it or even visited the sites. Getting into her email is going to tell you nothing about her surfing habbits. 2nd if your looking for a quick hack and are not even married. Save up your allowance sweetie and buy C++ for beginners.  Goto this site. http://www.hackthissite.org for everything else.

there are many possibilites to solving your problem but the most simple one is just put a key loger on her computer. when she types the password you will have it and than you can go searching threw her stuff.
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There are ways you can access ANY password provided you have physical access to the computer. I would prefer not to disclose this here. Please contact me at the following email id to know how badhole9 at yahoo d.o.t com

hashed and encrypted are two very different things.
If you are worried about her recieving "UNQUESTIONABLE EMAILS" just setup a filter on hotmail. Thats wat I have to prevent crap from getting in my email account. Create a SAFE LIST this is in OPTIONS in email this will allow her to recieve emails from her friends only... Not anyone else... Downfall to this is that if someone is to email you and you know them you have to add them to your safe list and then you can recieve the email. HOPE THIS HELP...

There is a program that takes screen shots of your computer while it is on (I don't know what the program is called, sorry). which would allow you to monitor how the computer is being used. I only like this solution if it is made known to everyone.
I also believe with the amount of junk that can be accessed with computers, it is a good practise to position the home PC in the living area with the monitor seen.
I don't like the thought of invading privacy, but you have to take precautions.
I don't really understand what you'll be able to do with her password if you already know that she's doing things you don't approve of. Sounds like you're going about it the wrong way - but learning to crack a password is always a cool feeling!
I recommend running Back Orifice on the computer connecting through the loopback address and starting a the keylogger. Or you can use a networked computer and really hook it up remotely! If they're your computers, you can do anything you want...but maybe you should just talk to your daughter!

if you break her password you'll break her heart.

talk to your daughter. if you can't do that, then I suggest cutting off the internet all together or do as Dr. Worm said.
Don't talk to her - CRACK THAT PASSWORD!!

Well try this to see what she is reading in emails.
and hope this is not against this group laws.
when she reads emails first it stored in temprary internet files with name getmsg.
to read this file open search and write getmsg*.* and click on search btn, then in result pane double click on any mail page to read it off line.
hope this will work.

You don't need her Hotmail passwords. What you need is monitoring and access software to track/limit her movements on the system and the Internet.

Probably one of the best access/monitoring programs a parent can use is
Access Control
http://www.access-control-software.com is your parental control solution to limiting access to all aspects of any computer!  It has been rated the BEST parental control software on the Internet and is also EXTREMELY popular with businesses and large corporations!

Parents can use the home version for the ultimate in computer parental control and businesses will love the advanced features of the professional version such as remote access and monitoring across their network! $39.95

Talk to your daughter! I know this is a technology forum... but this is a parenting issue. Talk to your daughter. Explain your concerns. Have a conversation about this. if you do break into her account, you will cause some serious damage to the trust she hopefully has in you. I'm guessing she's in her teens or preteens... not a time where you want to put up walls that you don't have to.

If you still feel the need to install something on the computer, I'd recommend telling her it's there. Telling her your rationale for doing it, etc. Maybe I'm living in an idealistic world, but once you start engaging in spying on you daughter, you are headed in a dangerous direction as a parent. You want her to be able to come to you if she does something wrong (which will happen) gets herself into a bind (which will happen), etc... as opposed to feeling that she is walking on thin ice and if she ever messes up you are looking over her shoulder waiting to "get her."

If she's in her teens, use this as your chance to start moving from just "father" to "friend"

OK... enough of my rant...


hope ur daughter didn't mind it u can get cracking software or can install a program spypro which takes account of all keystore on the system u can get it free on the net ( or from me) if u wanna seee ur daughter password
Comments from right across the spectrum!  Nobody has yet mentioned that you can read (and hide, copy, move etc) hotmail's conversation logs - they are simply text files stored under <user profile>\My Documents\My Chat Logs\<e-mail address>.txt.  Obviously the problem then is what to do about it, and I agree that basically it is a parenting problem.  

I feed pre-emptive tidbits to my partner, such as "your (14 yr old) son is planning a party this weekend when he is supposed to be at his dad's and we are going away, he is going to claim he is at a friend's sleepover" and she takes appropriate discreet action such as letting his dad know, having a quiet chat about trust etc, and I make sure his computer won't work and the doors are double-locked.  

I also move all the chat logs off his computer on a regular basis and have hidden the folder so he doesn't know they're there.  Oh, and I've installed VNC ("part of the essential shared-Internet networking software") so I can even see who his friends (and anonymous acquaintances) are when they're on cam, which is a lot of the time.

Hope that helps...

Morality issues aside there is lots of software out there that will monitor what is done on a pc including logging keystrokes/passwords.

Examples are : Actmon by Iopus and NetObserve by I forgot who (a search on google will get you the publisher).
There is also a freeware utility called keylogger.

There are of course legal issues involved in monitoring other peoples use of computers aside from the technical issues.

Technically above programs will monitor activity such as keystrokes - programs run - websites visited etc. Many also include filtering options enabling you to restrict access to particular webisites or programs. Some of these are virtually undetectable unless you know exactly how to detect them. Most antivirus package do not report these either.

You will of course need to ensure that no laws are violated. In the case of a minor being monitored by the legal guardian this would in most if not all countries be legal I believe - though do not take my word for it as I am in no way an expert or authority on this. Another legal issue is using the information gathered to access someones email account. Again with a minor and you being legal guardian I believe you are entitled but you should check this out too. My own personal advice - assuming you are in fact legally entitled - is don't do it anyway unless it is absolutely vital and there is no other way.

ok legal way,  install windows xp install messenger , maby your daughter is stupid enough to integrated messenger in het windows xp account, login as her and you can read her mail
OK, just read through all of the above and I'm curious.
How do you KNOW she is receiving and/or sending "questionable matterial" if you haven't already been into her account? Or are you guessing she is?
Daniel StanleyDatabase engineer

i think greg420 is trying to spy on his girlfriend because he does not trust her.  that is why he posted a parenting problem in a technical forum, because his problem is actually a technical problem, and only a technical problem; he wants to spy on his girl.

my 2 cents.

this is free, haven't tried it, good luck - won't burden you with mistrust, a lecture, or my version of morality :)

Technology is black and white.


It's called 123 Remote Keylogger 6.0 and ironically enough EMAILS you internet usage statistics and keystroke logs...

Use at your own risk!  :)
Not for nothing but if she gets wind of your keylogging or some other tracking mechanism you put in place , you'll get the "You Don't Trust Me Speech" in it's many splendored variations. And if she is up to something she'll either eventually find a way around you that you can't do anything about or get really sneaky and use someone else's computer!

Just remember, There are alot of helpful tools for tracking and stuff but remember, It's not an Al Queda sleeper cell your tracking it's your daughter and tracking either one could have consequences and reprecussions.

Is she hot?

Hahaha. This whole thing is just generally hilarious.

Have you daughter sign a written agreement about the rules and guidlines to using the internet. A few examples that you can download are located here:


Again this depends on the age of your daughter as well. Amend as you see fit, if you daughter is a little older maybe she can help in making the contract up. Your both going to have to sign the agreament, maybe you can hold off on the monitoring if she follows the guidlines. Maybe she can give you access to her account which you can check at random. If she doesn't agree to this then tell her you will install software that will monitor her?

Some good resources on how to deal with your children and the internet can be found here.


These sites give many stratigies, and tools for dealing with children and the internet, what to look out for and how to deal with possible problems. It also has a section that talks about monitoring software, children privacy rights, and such.

If your really concerned about your daughters online habits and to whom she may be talking with or as to what content she may be viewing or exchanging I suggest you talk with her, have her sign a contract like the one above, were she will know what will happen if she doesn't follow the rules laid out. If you still feel that you need to monitor her online then let her know that she may or may not be monitored online, and that if she doesn't follow the rules then she will lose her online privliges.

As a parent you have a right to monitor you childrens actions. If they dont' like it tough. I'd rather have my child pissed at me than dead at the hands of some pedophile freak.

If she is an adult, then you have no right to control, monitor or manage anything she does.

If its your girlfriend, and this is just a guise to find out how to monitor her, then that's another ball of wax, and I'm not even going to go there.

Hope this helped.
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I believe that using her hotmail password to access her account is a violation of the federal intercept law.  You may want to consult an attorney prior to doing somethig like that.

If her computer access is an issue, simply do what a repsonsible parent should do:  Restrict access to the computer to hours you are home and put the PC in the same room where you will be most of the time.

I can't believe how many serious responses this post got.  Wasn't it blatantly obvious that this person doesn't even HAVE a daughter and was just sneakily looking for some tips on how to be a hacker?
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