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Need help Launching word and write some labels in the opened document

Last Modified: 2011-09-20
Hi there
I am new to VB6.
I have written a functionality that print some labels directly.
Now they want to preview in the exactly same format in word.

I need to add a button "print Preview" which will load a word document and print  5 address for each column (2 column max) in label format.
The six fields that will compose the address to print will be retrieved from a database.

How do you pass these fields to a word doc and make them to appear in the right format?

Thanks for your help
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I think you should also study Visual Basic for applications..   It basically Visual basic code and you can contol output using any of the microsoft office suite.  I can help you if you would prefer the output to be in excel.

Brian MulderFreelance
Top Expert 2006

Title : HOWTO: Automate Word from Visual Basic to Create a Mail Merge for Mailing Labels
Source : http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=258512

Description :
instead of the textfile as datasource you could use your own data to fill up the labels

hope this helps a bit


Thanks bruintje

thats definetely the kind of things i was looking for.

I am trying to figure out and implement with my data.

Do you have or anybody has some other link or small code snippet that i could use as a learning tool

Brian MulderFreelance
Top Expert 2006

you could ook at the office automation help file, containing several samples


Take a look at www.ppreview.net

you will be able to do it



thanks for your advice i am using mailmerge for this functionality.

what i have done  is

 Dim oApp As Object
   Dim oDoc As Object

    Set oApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")

     'Start a new document in Word
    Set oDoc = oApp.Documents.Add
    oApp.Visible = True

  With oDoc.MailMerge
       With .Fields
         Do While Not MyRSLabel.EOF
            .Add oApp.Selection.Range, lblHeader.Caption
          .Add oApp.Selection.Range, strAddress
          .Add oApp.Selection.Range, name

        End With

       Dim oAutoText As Object
        Set oAutoText = oApp.NormalTemplate.AutoTextEntries.Add("MyLabelLayout", oDoc.Content)
        'Set up the mail merge type as mailing labels and use
        .MainDocumentType = wdMailingLabels

      '////// NOTE HERE
       .OpenDataSource Name:="c:\label.txt"
        oApp.MailingLabel.CreateNewDocument Name:=oApp.MailingLabel.DefaultLabelName, Address:="", _
        AutoText:="MyLabelLayout", LaserTray:=wdPrinterManualFeed

      'Execute the mail merge to generate the labels.
        .Destination = wdSendToNewDocument

        'Delete the AutoText entry you added
    End With
    oDoc.Close False
    oApp.Visible = True

the problems i have with the above is

1) if value is null and i replace with vbnullstring it still crashes the app.
      does it accept null values?
when i value is null i need to insert a blank space Can i do this?

2) i figured out i needed to create a textfile as datasource is this correct?
3) also when it reaches the file to open it says it cannot open the file

can you give some suggestions?


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