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Connecting More than 50 clients using Linksys BEFVP41

Last Modified: 2013-11-09
We have 200 locations that we want to connect to our home office. Mostly for matinence at first but possibly for data backup in the future. We have spoken to Linksys about what to use to connect more than 50 clients as Linksys is limited to that. They suggested a Cisco router. I am just interested to know what is our best option and if there are any devices specifically suited for this situation.
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You're going to have to move from SOHO to enterprise level equipment.
A Cisco router or PIX would be the direction I would be leaning in.
With more than 200 locations, I would be looking at multiple routers (and possibly multiple providers and BGP) for some fault tolerance.


Linksys mentioned the PIX router specifically but I was also checking the 7100 series router. We are looking at multiple routers to provide fault tolerance.
The PIX is a firewall only, you'd need a router or routers in front of it.


Ah I see. Did some more digging. This is where we are now.

We are testing a Linksys BEFVP41 to put in our stores and a Linksys RV082 is being tested at our co-location. I am wondering if there is any benefit to a SOHO91 over the Linksys BEFVP41. The cost of the SOHO91 is about double the cost of the Linksys.

Also for the co-location side I have found the 3640 VPN package and the 7100 Series routers. Are either of these well suited to what we want? We do not need more than 500 simultaneous connections.
This one is on us!
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Thank you for your help!
sounds like you'll have your hands full, have fun!
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