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Web Forms using cdonts through IIS SMTP sending mutliples of same email

koochy asked
Last Modified: 2012-08-13
We have been using cdonts thru iis 5.o0 W2k for a while now and suddenly late yesterday afternoon the forms are sending massive amounts of repetive emails ... I have checked for viruses and for worms ... nothing shows up out of the ordinary ... any body have any ideas??
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OK, have you tried stopping SMTP, submitting the form in question and seeing how many files are in the queue directory?

I'm assuming the objmail.To address is hard coded and the mail route is local smtp server then recipient, there are no other MTA's (Message transfer agents) involved?

Have you tried using another mail sending component like JMail, CDO.Message or CDO.sys?  If the same thing happens using these then you can eliminate CDONTS as the problem.


You bet I stopped it !! :->)

I did that and nothing ends up in the queue folder but it did end up in the Pickup folder. This morning I restarted the SMTP in IIS and Immediatley got files in the queue folder. Yes the objmail.To is hard coded... No Ihaven't tried any of the other components you refer to ..

Is there one of them you recommend over the others?

"Is there one of them you recommend over the others?" Not really, although you should be able to use CDO.Message without having to install anything.  JMail is nice and easy to work with, I think www.dimac.net do a free download of w3JMail.

The advantage these have over CDONTS is they can be used even if SMTP is stopped, CDONTS can only use the local smtp server, the others can be told to use an external mail server.


that is I think the big problem ... CDONTS using the local smtp server .. if I can get away from that then the problem becomes moot

Where can i find iinfo on CDO.Message ???


Let me know if you need any further help




one more stoopid question (there will probably bew more)

Microsoft says to create a file called Cdosmtp.vbs .. here the stoopid question .. should I put it in the inetpub folder or somewhere else ???

Only save it as a VBS file if you want to test it by manualy double clicking it.  Otherwise save it as a .asp file a place it in your web sites directory.

Also not you'll need to alter it slighty here:

CreateObject TO Server.CreateObject


MsgBox "Mail Sent!" TO Response.write "Mail Sent!"


what do I replace  the "<remote SMTP server>" with ?

I replaced the <remote SMTP server> with the IP address and removed the " 's

    'ToDo: Enter name or IP address of remote SMTP server.
    .Item("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpserver") =

but it didn't work ... do I need quotes? I tried "mail.alter.net" (with the quotes) and it dun't werk either ..

help !!!

Yes the IP address of the mail server you're using will need to be in quotes.

Have you tested port 25 connectivity to the mailserver from your webserver?


hmm nope ... will do ....
This one is on us!
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it looks like cdo.message also uses the smtp through iis .. no problem though .. I was able to fix the original problem. The form being sent wasn't getting deleted from the drop folder so I had to fix the permissions on the folder and everything is now fine and dandy ... strange though that the permissions got changed ... we have been using cdonts for ages with no problem ... computer gremlin I guess ...

Thank you for all your help though ...


What exactly did you change for the folder permission? I recently encounter the same problem that you had.
I have set the "local admin" and "everyone" to full control under the security tab of "drop" folder, but it still keep sending out emails.
Please help.


I set delete for everyone on the mailroot folder in the advance settings and let it propagate down ... that fixed the problem.

The peculiar thing was we had NO problems before and I don't recall changing the security so I don't know why or what caused the change.

Hope this helps !!!!


It works!!!!!!
Thanks a lot...
No more email finally. hahahaha
I sent over 120,000 emails to intranet users when this problem occured


Eggs-cellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yaaaaay ... I finaly got to help someone!!!!!!!!! This site has been such a huge resource fo me and it is really nice to be able to return some help to someone else !!!

Have a great day !!!!!!

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