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Easy DNS question

JamesN1830 asked
Last Modified: 2010-03-19
I have one DNS server setup internally in my 2003 domain using AD.  All the clients in the preferred DNS entry have the IP address of my DNS server in them and nothing else.  The local suffix is also filled in.  On the DNS server under Local Area Connection, the only DNS IP address entered is it's own.  I have a pointer I created called Internet that has the IP address of external isp dns server.  All clients and servers have internet access when the preferred dns entry is my local server.  I just want to understand why?  Is the pointer named Internet the reason?  How does it know where my gateway is?

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If you go into your DNS settings, right click on your server, go to properties and then click on the Forwarders tab, do you have your ISP's DNS servers in there?  Any request that your DNS server cannot process gets automatically forwarded to theirs.

Do you not have a default gateway set up on the clients?  
Sounds like your DNS server is using recursion.
Recursion is when your dns server cannot find the ip addy so it sends a dns request to the next available which would be your ISP dns servers.



Daace21 - In the forwarders tab it says "All other DNS domains".  That's all.

I am using a static ip for each client I do enter in the default gateway for that site, BUT I have clients at 3 sites.  Each site has it's own gateway.  Only one of the sites has the Internet gateway.  All the sites share that access though.  Also, the default gateway for the internet is different then any other gateway that is used on any client.  Clients would get gateways like 192.99.x.1.  The internet gateway is

Is there a better way to set this up?



I found that link.  About half way down.  It talks about root hints being the way my isp gets there.  

One last question, under the forwarders tab, should I add my isp's dns just for good practice?
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Thanks for helping me understand what was setup.  makes perfect sense now.
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