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Determine type of device

gbarrientos asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-11
Is there a way to see what type of device a certain IP address is associated with? In other words I have an IP address of a device on the network. I would like to know if the IP address belongs to a Printer, Macintosh Computer, Network Scanner or something else.
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There is no general accurate way to find out.

Often, trying to connect on the FTP or TELNET ports will get you a (partially) indentifying banner, which is a start.

- Bob (aka RLGSC)

If you have a linux box try using nmap with the -sT -O options this should tell you what ports are open and try to verify what type of OS is running on the box.  For instnace nmap -sT -O   where the device you want to check is ... now if this is not on your local network running a port scan is not usually something people like other people doing so I would not recomend it.

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In some newer printers, there is a web browser enabled that allows you to configure the printer by going to its ip address in Internet Explorer (HP LAserjet 4000's and newer come with it as standard). IF that doesn't work, open up a command prompt and type:

nbtstat -a <IP ADDRESS> if this is a PC, you should get the PC name back aswell as the user that is logged on.
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