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Will ADSL's bandwidth be shared among users in the vicinity ?

shchong2 asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-14
Hi Experts,

Sorry for this dumb question.

Say if in my neighbourhood lots of ppl are using ADSL from the same ISP. Do the ADSL bandwidth actually shared among these users ? So if more ppl are online, will my connection be impacted ?

Also, say if my ADSL is 512kbps, is there anyway that I can boost the connection download speed even more ?

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Hi td_miles,

wow, thanks 4 your detailed explanation & great examples. :)  The reason I ask this is b'cos I was told that if it's DSL, than bandwidth sharing will be a concern, particularly when the over-subscription situation u mentioned happens.

However, I was also told that if it is "A"-DSL, that this issue will not happen. I'm not sure how true is this statement ?
ADSL means Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line. The "Asymetric" part only means your download and upload speed aren't the same. It doesn't impact in any way your total bandwidth with your neighbors.


The neighborhood limit depends on the telco and not the isp. In urban locations it does not seem to be oversubscribed.
The download speed depends on DSLAM setting at the local exchange. There is no public remote access to change the setting.
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