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ICA clients can't connect to Metaframe until after reboot of Server

zCitrixz asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-14
I am having a problem with clients not being able to connect all of the time to their Published App on Metaframe.  Users are able to contact the Server and open the app after a reboot of the Metaframe server.  The server is Windows 2000 with Metaframe XP 1.0 FR2.  I do not have any Terminal Services licences installed at the moment, because I thought you have a 90 day window before you have to purchase them.  I do not have the Terminal Server Licensing service running either.  I don't know if this is the problem or not. I am getting a lot of annoyed customers. Please help!

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Can u try telnet your servers on 1494. If u get response from your servers. then u have to configure Terminal license on your Domain Controller.
On your Citrix machine if its in workgroup.



I only have the one server.  This server is being used for everything.
You need to have Terminal Services turned on in application mode.  If you're in TS Admin mode, you'll only get 2 concurrent connections.  You MUST have Terminal Services Licensing Service ON.  You then have 90 days to properly license it or you'll be cut off by MS.


I have Terminal Services in Application mode and have installed Terminal Services Licensing but have yet to activate it.  By "ON" do you mean activate?  Any idea why client's are getting a "Can't find MetaFrame Server..." sometimes?  After the Server is rebooted everything is fine and they can connect without getting that message.  This situation occurs on a daily basis.  Users are connecting remotely with an ADSL internet connection through a 4 port router used to share there Internet connection.

Have you got your Terminal Server License Server setup and running?  If not then this may be the problem.  Even though you have Citrix Lic. in trial mode you need to have Microsoft Terminal Server Licenses. for each non-Windows 2000 computer that is trying to connect to the Metaframe server.

The "reboot fix" is probably working because the servers haven't yet "figured out" that you don't have any vaild MSTS licenses.

Activate that and see what happens...


Yes TSLS service is mandatory. If you have activated it ... but not install license packs on it. You have 90 days to do so.
If its a license issue, you will find out very easily by logging on as an admin into your terminal server and check the event logs. They will normally show an event that

The terminal server cannot issue a license or something of that sort if it was a license issue.

Check this link out if you want more info on licensing



Ok, I have now activated Terminal Server Licenses and will wait and see what happens.  Hopefully no calls from irate clients.
Thanks for everyone's help!


Well, Terminal Server Licensing is up and distributing but I am still having users getting disconnected intermitently.  Sometimes they are able to reconnect other times the ICA Client can't find the Server.  The only users that connect to the Server are from one remote office and a house.  Both use ADSL for their Internet connection.

The thing is that I can logon anytime from PC's on my small local network that hosts the MetaFrame Server and never have these problems.  

Could it be a problem with the way my TCP/IP, DNS, or Router is setup?  Or could it be something at the remote office.  Also, it seems users are getting dissconected when a fax arrives at their office or when the Interac machine is used.

This one is on us!
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Ok, thanks.  I will take a close look at their network configuration and router settings.
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