Sending SMS to any Mobile thru VB code

I'm into new assignment of sending SMS to mobile phones, I'm just a beginner to this, so please advice me in this regard or send a VB code to do this and the hardware requirements in detail.

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As I said in my first comment on the following question, I'm not too familiar with VB, but there is a significant amount of code that you might be able to use as a basis for your project:

There is also some information in the question regarding the hardware setup.
This will send an SMS using VB.

'Demo program will switch a modem on (using DTR), send a message and switch the modem off.
'Message sent demonstrates sending the "@" character - sent as a NULL character

Dim MS50 As Integer
Dim ModemLine As String
Public Function SendCommand(outcomm$, waittime, waitfor$, waiterror$) As Integer
 Dim untiltime, intext$
 Debug.Print outcomm$, waittime;
 dummy = DoEvents()
 SendCommand = False
 If outcomm$ > "" Then
  Comm1.InBufferCount = 0    'clear buffer only if we are sending a command
 End If
 Comm1.Output = outcomm$
 Delay (0)
 untiltime = MS50 + waittime * 20
 Do While MS50 < untiltime
  If Comm1.InBufferCount Then
   intext$ = intext$ + Comm1.Input
   ModemLine = intext$      'Allows us to see modem responses
   If waiterror$ > "" Then
    If InStr(intext, waiterror$) Then
     SendCommand = False
     Debug.Print "error!"
     Exit Function
    End If
   End If
   If InStr(intext$, waitfor$) Then
    Debug.Print "found!"
    SendCommand = True
    Exit Function
   End If
  End If
 Debug.Print "Fell out!"
End Function
Private Sub Form_Load()
 Comm1.PortOpen = True
 'wait for 5 seconds
 Delay (100)
 'check the modem is present
 If Not (SendCommand("AT" & Chr(13), 1, "OK", "ERROR")) Then Stop
 'select text mode
 If Not (SendCommand("AT+CMGF=1" & Chr(13), 1, "OK", "ERROR")) Then Stop
 'select number to send message to
 If Not (SendCommand("AT+CMGS=07768428540" & Chr(13), 1, ">", "ERROR")) Then Stop
 'send message
 If Not (SendCommand("This is a test message to name" & Chr(0) & "" & Chr(26), 10, "OK", "ERROR")) Then Stop
'switch modem off
 If Not (SendCommand("AT^SMSO" & Chr(13), 1, "OK", "ERROR")) Then Stop
 Comm1.PortOpen = False
End Sub
Private Sub Timer_Timer()   'timer is a timer set to 50mS interval
 MS50 = MS50 + 1
 If MS50 > 30000 Then MS50 = 0   'avoid overflows when idle
End Sub
Private Sub Delay(DelayTime As Double)
 MS50 = 0
 Do While MS50 < DelayTime
End Sub

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i want to send sms through web page programmed by php.
what are steps i should do ?
The last time I had to send an SMS from a PC (monitoring server backups), I used....

1. An old Nokia 5110 GSM phone with a PRE-PAID SIM card.
2. A Nokia D9 serial data cable.
3. A component called Mobile FBUS Lite ActiveX Control. (
4. A very small VB application to sie them together.

This works GREAT !
Have fun.
New Zealand
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