I/O data error

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I have reinstalled a lotus notes r5 client on a users pc.
The installation seemed to go well...everything appeared again as normal.
However every time that the user tries to send a mail a message pops up saying

I/O data error.

The mail does not send.
The user is still able to recieve mail.
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling again but it is still the same.

Any suggestions?
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refresh the design of the database.

And as I know ur server confign]
Server: R5

Client: ND6

Check the mail template name (should be pointing to R5 mail template) and also the ODS of mail template(it should be 41)


ODS is 41 and the template design is r5 mail.

Have refreshed the design but the error is still appearing.
can u compact the database?

I suspect there may be some corrupt document.

And can u give me the exact error message?

And the server and client environment also.

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Follow below solutions:

1)  Replace the design of the mail template with r5(selected from server)
2)  Check whether it is for a single user or all users
3)   Uninstall Notes and reinstall
4)   Compact the database from Admin client
5)   Check the database size


The error is:

I/0 data error.....thats all it says!

both client and server are r5
Make sure you have enough disk space in the clien and server.
Also clear the temp directory to free up some space..

5)   Check the database size

Are u still awaken?

One Question Hemantha, can we implement QuickPlace, Domino.Doc, Sametime and Extended search on a single server?


Thanks Madhesswar!!  Genius!!

compacted the database and reinstalled the client...worked first time!!

Thanks for your help...you deserve the points ths problem has been annoying me for the last week!
welcome Susie lynch
And I hope u will ask more questions in EE and allot more points for me.
I was in Inida when I answered this question :-)

You can always implement lotus products on single domino server and is always effiecient but demands more resources.. so be aware of that !
U should have informed me that ur coming to India. I would have met or called u during that time.
bad luck.

Next time if ur coming, let me know.

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