smbmount to XP returns ERRDOS - ERRnomem

On one of my Linux boxes, I've been using

smbmount //xpserver1/temp /mnt/temp

just fine for a few weeks. It would prompt for a password, but it didn't matter what I put in, since I set up the share on the XP Pro side to allow any user, and can modify files.

But since yesterday, I run that same smbmount command, and I get

3744: tree connect failed: ERRDOS - ERRnomem (Insufficient server memory to perform the requested function.)

I've searched Samba forums hight and low... no luck. There are no updates on my WinXP box, that I know of... and no user accounts/passwords have changed, etc. There is of course plenty of memory available on the XP box too. I reboot, with nothing started, and it's the same.

The best I can come up with so far on the web sites is: (1) something about old lanman being disallowed on XP (but I didn't do anything to network config), (2) one guy had partition magic on his XP box, which screwed up samba (???) but I don't know how that could be.

My smbmount is at version 3.0.2-6.3E, RHES3.0

I can connect with smbmount to other XP boxes fine, just not the one I want!

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Since you can connect to other XP boxes from this copy of 3.0ES, that tends to implicate the XP box that is failing. That matches up with experiences that I've had where a previously working mount of a windows share suddenly stops working with similar errors. A sniffer trace showed very different data packets from the non-working windows box as compared to what I saw to a working share.

I'd try rebooting the XP box, and it wouldn't hurt to scan it for virii. I'd also check to see if the share is mountable from another XP box.
rjbrylaAuthor Commented:
All my Norton A-V is up to date, and scanned recently.

But OUCH -- the same thing happens from another XP box.

Changed IRPStackSize set to 35 (somehow got bumped down)... have to reboot...

now why would I think that Linux was the problem --

I'm going to reboot, and crossing my fingers, but you get the points for the lightning fast response, and vindicating Samba in this case.

rjbrylaAuthor Commented:
SUre enough, IRPStackSize is now 35, works great from everywhere.

And how soon I forget that XP has an Events Log ... and right there in the log...

IRPStackSize set too small.


Wow, thanks again. I'll bet the easiest and quickest 500 points you've earned???

For more information, this is exactly the microsoft technical support solution:;en-us;177078
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