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Wake on Lan question.

mados123 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-25
Hello guys (& girls),

I'm trying to set up my computer for waking on lan and I'm not sure if my motherboard (GA-7N400 Pro2, 'http://www.giga-byte.com/MotherBoard/Products/Products_GA-7N400%20Pro2.htm) has that capability.  The integrated LAN is a Realtek 8110S Gigabit LAN controller & under its advanced settings, WOL is enabled.  It says on the giga-byte's web site that there is a WOL pin header available.  I see the letters WOL on the board but it doesn't look like there are pins- just solder over where it is supposed to be.  The manual for the board does not make any references to a WOL connector.  Is it required to have a WOL connector if the adapter is integrated? If not do I even have the capability.  I believe I also enabled the proper settings in the BIOS.  Another thing- after playing with the settings in power management, I was still not able to get the lights next to integrated LAN lit. Thank you for all of your help out there!

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When you power down the system is the link light still on?
If not it will not wake up. You may get a nic card with wol, but you still need the wol cable plugged in to provide standby power.


Good point.  No, when I power down the light is still not on.  Does the light always come on only if the intergrated NIC is able to WOL or does it have to be activated, or is it dependant on the system?  Getting a second card is not a problem but what is confusing to me is that the place on the motherboard where it is designated to have a WOL connector- does not have the connector.  As mentioned above, it only has the solder there.  The specs for the board states that there is a WOL "pin header."  I'm not sure what that is, whether a connector is supposed to be there or is a modification necessary to have it properly function.  I posted a question to the motherboard manufacturer (Giga-Byte) and we'll see what they say.
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Thank you for all of your suggestions but the correct answer is that my internal NIC does have lights but they do not go on when in standby or powered off.  By looking at the hub while I was powered down, I was able to "see the light." You could imagine the smile on my face when I saw that- as well as knowing I wouldn't have to solder onto a new motherboard.  Thanks again.


Glad to help.
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