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Replacing comma, poing, double point of a text file


I'd need a small app, which asks for a text file when started, and replaces all  , . :  with words comma, point, double poing, question mark and so one. After replacing it should save/replace the file.


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Avik DasguptaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi j79,
       tough time for both us... Anyway I am happy that my suggestions were at least some use to u. I just wanted to guide u by giving a "very little piece of code" which has been unfortunately edited. Good luck.

Hi sunnycoder,
             I am aware of the EE membership agreement and have read it once more. Anyway I still feel that answering to his question was impossible by discussing it without giving a little bit of coding assistance.

Hi j79,
This smells like homework. I'm sure you're smart enough to figure it out yourself, as it is very simple.


Yeah,this is quite simple.
Just a small suggestion.
Open another file in write mode,keep writing into this file as u read from ur original file.
When u encounter any of the characters u want to change,just write the new string in the other file.
If u want to replace the old file,delete it and rename the new file to the old file.

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Avik DasguptaCommented:
just initialize --
char p[]=" point ", c[]=" comma ", dp[]=" double poing ";
as stated by ankuratvp open two separate FILE streams one for reading ur text file as read mode and the other as the destination file as write mode.
// hope this helps u a bit
FILE *source, *dest;
char p[]=" point ",d[]=" comma ", dp[]=" double poing ";
/* for other characters similarly provide seperate strings */
void main()
 int c;
 source=fopen("xyz.txt","r"); // u can get that from any where
 dest=fopen("xyz1.txt","w");// similarly this
   case '.' : {fputs(p,dest);break;}
   case ',' : {fputs(d,dest);break;}
   case ':' : {fputs(dp,dest);break;}
   default : {fputc(c,dest);}
/* if u want to replace the existing file just include dos.h and
 after fcloseall() write system("del xyz.txt");
and system("ren xyz1.txt xyz.txt");
that will serve ur purpose OF COURSE IF U R IN DOS */

j79Author Commented:
Thank you Avik77,

it seems to do it very good.
I only would need an input at starting for giving the text file to replace.
How to realize it?

j79Author Commented:

Hello sunnycoder,

I'm 24 years old and has no homework since 6 years. You also can see the history of my profile for what "homework" I've asked/answered in the past.
I also has some years experience in java and web development, but not really in C. That's reason why I asked.
Only why my question is sounding like homework for you, it has not to be really a homework, or?

What would it be if I would ask how to replace special characters like " with &quot; or € with &euro; on .html pages?
Still homework?


Hey j79,

Sorry for getting u wrong with the homework thing.

>it seems to do it very good.
>I only would need an input at starting for giving the text file to replace.
>How to realize it?
All u have to do is:
char fn[50];
char ch;
FILE *fp,*out;
scanf("%s",&fn);         //get the entire filename including extension
fp=fopen(fn,"r");              //open the file for reading.
//read char by char and write to the new file till EOF
//checking everytime for the chars u want to replace

Here i am assuming that u have already got the code provided by avik77(which i cant see,i guess got edited)

j79Author Commented:

Hello ankuratvb,

no problem. I have the code from  Avik77 and I think he should get the most points because he posted the working code.

Yeah,u can still give all the points to him.
Just trying to help out.
j79Author Commented:

I want to thank them who gave their assistance.

Avik DasguptaCommented:
Thanks to everybody.
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