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XP installed over ME failing< Hope to install new hard drive and clean install xp keep old files.

123nitab asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-26
If I install a new hard drive in a computer and install xp on it.
Can I leave the other drive in with all its files and programs.
Will I need to leave xp on the old drive. The system is unstable.
The computer has several programs she cannot find the disks.( They are all put in a safe place together).
I have XP and the ME disks.

Thanks so much

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I don't think that i would do what you are doing, but rather something similiar.

1. I would install the new hard drive as the master drive.  
2. Install Xp on that drive.  
3. install the old drive as a slave drive
4.  copy all the files and programs that you want to the new drive.
5. format the old drive
6. Move files and programs back to that old drive if you want to run your computer like that.

If the person cannot find the disks for the programs they will not be accessible on a newly installed OS.  That is a fact of life.  There are programs that claim to copy a program from one OS to another, but I don't believe they have had much success.  For that purpose take a look at something like MoveMe - http://www.spearit.com/compare.html
Whose XP disks are they?  You do know that you cannot just install your copy of XP onto another system, don't you?  The OS will have to be activated.  If it has already been activated on your system there will likely be problems if it is attempted to activate it from another system.
slink has some good points.


The Xp disks are hers and the ME she recently installed xp it is an upgrade but it is brand new. It has been activated on her system but that should not be a problem to reinstall on the same system it was on right??

This only realy important program disk missing is Office 2000. She does own it.

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You can't use Office without installing it on the new system.  Just copying directories over went away with Win3.1.  It should be installed to properly run.  You can try one of the mover programs but the most successful method will be an install from the original disc.


Ok so if I got a maxtar Hd and used their copy program and copied everthing. (I have done this and not lost programs)

Then I erase the old Hd and load windows xp clean and new. Then set this to master will that work?

The system is current slow and ie 6 won't work. I can do things to work around problems then there is a new improved one in a week.

If it start on the old drive would go back to the old speed? will ie work? Or will the system files on the Hd corrupt the whole computer??

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I would consider first running ME over the top of itself on the old drive first to see if the ME drive can be repaired. To do this boot the machine from a ME boot disk then with the ME disk in the drive type setup at a: prompt this will start setup. When prompted to replace or keep system files, choose replace. This tends to repair problems on ME like you are having.

After repairing ME you then should be able to upgrade to XP now.

I hope this is of some help.

An upgrade over a failing OS will only enhance the problems.  Yes, the nest method is a clean install.  If all programs are available to be reinstalled this will not be a problem and all data will be available by slaving the old hard drive and copying the data from it.
The problem seems to be that there are no Office disks to install from.  Is that correct?
Thats why I suggested reinstalling the previous OS first then after getting ME stable then upgrading ;)
ME is so bad that reinstalling would probably only make it worse.  The problem with reinstall ME is that it is just an unstable OS no matter what you do.
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