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email an outlook appointment to another person who can easily import that appointment to his outlook without going through a meeting

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-01-09
Scenario would ideally be
Mr Smith calls his dentist say for an appointment for a cleaning. The dentist
puts the appointment into the dentists outlook calendar.
The dentist tells the patient he will email him the appointment so the
patient can put it into the patients outlook as an appointment not as a
And also the appointment will have the dentists street address telephone and
link to a map.
This meeting and acknowledging a meeting is too complicated and too time
consuming for 10 different patients a day
Is this doable by a macro or code??
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Set up a template with the map of the dentist's office location and other info in it.  When the patient books a new appointment the secretary can use that tenplate to send the appointment to the patient.  No need for a macro in that scenario.
Karen FalandaysTraining Specialist

Even though you could do this with code, I would think that you still need human intervention for the scheduling. You could create the appt, pick the address from the list (so recipient could see a map) and choose to send as icalendar so all can use the accept or decline button. 10 appts a day doesn't seem a lot..I'm thinking this is a 30 second task
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how do you send it as an icalendar that outlook express that most patients use would be happy with
Ebay downloads details of an auction that will be ending into ones outlook and Uunited downloads your airline itinerary into outlook.  I am looking for something like this

iCalendar, OE?  iCalendar is a format used to send to Outlook.  Outlook Express is only Email!!!!
Karen FalandaysTraining Specialist

Oh Jerome, I know what you mean. But remember, the user chooses to have that sent. Will patients be booking their own appts on the web?
With outlook, you can forward the calendar item as an icalendar item (.ics) and that should work with most calendar programs


How can I forward it as an ICS to some one in outlook express. Forwards but does not seem to add a signature in outlook 2003 even though I have that option automatically set and have to add it manually.  Also when receive it through outlook express does not come through as a real attachment can do something with

Notice thet Outlook Express IS ONLY EMAIL.  It will do no good to send an iCalendar to OE.
Why would it be forwarded?  It should be sent from the dentist office to the person with the appointment, no forward involved.  Use the template as I suggested and it will work well to Outlook and other full-featured programs.


Yes I know OE is email only but why can't it receive an attachment like a jpg file but in this case a calendar file that one only has to click on to have it automatically merge / import into outlook with all the information for the appointment.

Okay you set up a template within outlook (which I have never done before) then you email that template as an attachment to an email to Mrs Smith so whatever email program she is using will see it.  Then Mrs Smith just clicks on that template and it will save it self ie merge itself into her outlook so that she now sees she has an appointment with the dentist on Tuesday at 11:00 with all the specifics of office location map etc.???
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