How to Properly Clean an LCD Monitor?

Posted on 2004-03-20
Last Modified: 2007-12-19
I have a Samsung SyncMaster 174v LCD monitor and have yet to clean a few fingerprints on it.  Finally, they are getting to the point where it is starting to bother me.  I figured I should post this question here, as you laptop experts have been dealing with cleaning LCD surfaces for quite some time.  I did take a look at Samsung's website and they reccomend using a fine cloth and a "detergent."  I have no clue what this detergent they reccomend may be, and I don't want to use anything that may kill the monitor.  Sorry for being so worrysome but I love my monitor :)  Thanks in advance!
Question by:WavyGravy
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I usually use a fine cloth with water. Just make sure to wring the cloth out as much as possible before you put it on the monitor. You don't want any water dripping into the laptop. and rub extremely carefully (barely any pressure)

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A cotton swab and very little water; distilled may be a good idea, if available.
Rubbing alcohol (isopropanol), applied  by the same technique, for severe fatty stains and tobacco smoke film.

Very carefully, whichever method used.

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I use a product from 3M - Microfiber Electronics Cloth to clean my NEC LCD monitor, my laptop LCD screen and all my other electronics like my digital video cam, my camera lenses etc. I dont use any liquid. Wiping gently with this cloth takes care of all my thumbprints, dust and occasional sneeze droplets.

Thanks and hope you find this useful.

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Thanks guys for all of the GREAT feedback!

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I have a SyncMaster also. The manual specifically says not to use alcohol because it will damage the coating and crack the plastic. It also specifically says not to use plain water. I have been using plain water with a soft cloth for months, but it leaves a slight film or haze, which is annoying; thus the reason I am looking up what detergents should be used.

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Point contact like putting your finger on a laptop screen can result in dead pixels, however pressure from a cloth over a greater area doesn't seem to be a problem. Good Laptops have a glass plate in front of the screen. Older Laptops with poorer screens have a piece of plastic in front of the screen. One must be more careful if the LCD is just covered by a flexable sheet of plastic. I wipe mine down with eyeglasses cleaner and kenniston wipes designed specifically for cleaning laptop screens.

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Hi WavyGravy,

The best way to clean your LCD screen or TFT for that matter is to use w lint free cloth. This ensure that when you use it on your screen there is no streaks left on they way normal cloths. If oyu look in your manual for the screen it usually states this is what to use. You can get lint free cloths in any B&Q or good D.I.Y store. I hope this is of help to you.


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by:earth man2
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Bisto gravy and a blowtorch gives me the best finish possible.

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I refurbish 20 laptops a week, the best safe cleaner is my own prescription glasses cleaner, I got from S*ars and
used it numerous times with no harm to my Glasses nor to the LCD! I also use a micro fiber lint free rug!

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I normally use a bit of toilet roll and water.  Seems to do the trick nicely!

Wet your toilet roll (not too much tho!) and gently wipe the screen removing any marks.  Then just wipe over with a lint free cloth (a tea-towel or something).  Make sure you get rid of the streaks.

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