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What propblem can be faced if Ms access is used for multiuser application?
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ankuratvbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh,Believe me,You will run into a lot of trouble.

My advice,don't use it.

Why,well MS Access has the famous problem of Bloating to a very large extent when used in a multi-user environment.

The bloating problem can be reduced by compacting and repairing(it corrupts a lot as well) regularly.

But to compact,u need to have exclusive access to the database which means your application will have to be shut down on all users and then be compacted making it very cumbersome and also not up all the time.


In MS Access , maximum of only 255 users can access concurrently. Whereas for MSDE/SQL Server it is Virtually unlimited number of concurrent users

On more abt MS Access Perfromance , refer the below links .

You always have the option of using MySQL which is free.or trying the high-end ORACLE or SQL Server
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Do a google with:

You will find plenty of instances of the bloating problem.

If u don't want your

If your application wont be running 24x7,You can still risk using it.

But otherwise,Its a No-No situation.
Oh!What did i do to deserve a 'C'.

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