Lotus 123 Elapsed Time

Where can I find a 123 formulae to record elapsed time.  IE  I want to have a button on a spreadsheet when pushed will start the time going and when a second (stop) button is pushed the clock will stop and the elapsed time recorded consecutively in a table.
Beyond my capabilities to work out.
            Start  @      March 31 2004    1530
            Stop  @      March 31 2004      1640              Elapsed time       0110
            Start @       April  01  2004      0927    
            Stop  @       April 01  2004      1001              Elapsed time     0034
Dates time etc can be in any format.
Total Elapsed time  0144
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patrickabConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will need two macros to do this in the simplest of ways - as follows:

\start {goto}a1~@now~/rv~~

This inserts the time and converts it to a value so it does not change subsequently

\stop {calc}

This just updates the time which is in cell A2 - see below.

The first macro is called start and the second stop.

Assuming that the start time is stored on cell A1 and underneath it in A2 you have @NOW then in cell A3 you can have +A2-A1. The will give you the difference in the Lotus123 time numbers between when you started the clock and when you finished the timing. Next to A3 you can then use in three columns @HOUR(A3), @MINUTE(A3) and @SECOND(A3).

To smarten it up attach the \start macro to a button labelleled START and macro \stop to a button labelled STOP/UPDATE.

If you already know how to use macros please excuse the following -

In a cell enter '\start    - exactly as written with the apostrophe '
In the cell immediately to the right of '\start   enter {goto}a1~@now~/rv~~
Place the cursor on the cell with '\start in it and go to Range/Name/UseLabels and OK. This with create a macro called \start.
Go to Tools/Draw/Button select range, select the START macro, enter START in the box and the bottom and OK it. In newer Lotus123 it is easier and quicker.

The button will then work the START macro. Do the same for the STOP macro and that's it.

If you want to see an example please place your email address in your profile - not here - and I will then send you an example which you can then experiment with.

Hope that helps
sswcharlieAuthor Commented:
Email on profile.  Thks
sswcharlieAuthor Commented:
Patrick email posted on profile this time
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sswcharlie - Apologies for not replying earlier but my pc is not usable at home at the moment as we are having alterations done and it is somewhere under a dust sheet. I will re-create the spreadsheet for you this evening at work (where I am now) and forward it to you asap.
By the way I've just had a look and your email address in not in your profile. Has someone removed it? I'll be online at about 18:00 GMT this evening so if you can re-post your email address in your profile I will be able to pick it up . I'll let you know after that you can leave it or remove it as you wish.
By the way - thanks for the A grade - I've yet to deliver the example ....
Example at work is now ready - it's a bit smarter than the one at home - new edition of Lotus123!
sswcharlieAuthor Commented:
Have entered my email again in a different place.  Should be ok this time.  Thanks for all your efforts.
Noted - thanks - done.
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