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Flickering problem in Flash Animations

MrTerrence asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-03-10
Hi, a few months ago, i swithed to a new laptop and i found that all animations tat i did, either in exe or swf format, flickers!

This never happened when i was using my old laptop, i test run those swf in the old laptop again, still run smoothly, without flickering. My first thought will be the hardware problem in the new laptop, but i tested 3Dmarks2003, the new laptop performs great especially comparing to my old laptop.

So i m afraid that is the software problem, i m using newest display driver, directx 9b, i tried to reinstall the flash player 7, still the same.

Below is the the specs of my laptop:
Display : 1024 x 768 (watever resolution also flickers)
Color depth: 32bit (16 bit also flickers)
CPU: Mobile AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2500+ 1.6 GHz
DirectX: Version 9.0b Long Version
DirectDraw: Version 5.3.0000000.900, Primary Device: MOBILITY RADEON 9200
Flash Player: 7 r 14.
Screen Refresh Rate: 60Hz (this is default, i tested at 200Hz still the same..)

ANyone can help me??
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are you on windows XP?

if so, do the following:

press ctrl alt delete all at the same time, a window will pop up

press processes

open up the animation

look through the CPU usage list and see if anything is high (above 20% or so). System Idle should be at around 80% - 99% usually.

If anything is sucking up a lot of CPU usage, memory usage or there are over 45 processes open, thats probably your problem.

If that is the case, shut down all the programs on your task bar, and also run Ad Aware or similar program, as well as anti-virus

Yes, this does sound like a processor/RAM problem, and not a software problem...

if the same application runs differently on a few computers, then you should assume that the hardware is typically the problem....

I am not sure why a newer better laptop runs with a flicker over an older one, but you should check the number of application that are running in the background on your new computer.  It might be faster, but you could have some hidden programs that are hogging up all of the processor and RAM...   I have this happen when my Virus program runs periodically...

just something to think about...

have you found the problem yet?  have you noticed anything else not working correctly?  any display problems, how do 3d games run, have you tried any?  how do movies play, does your lcd work ok?  sounds like a very annoying problem, but does it involve only flash?  have you tried running flash files in an older version of the flash player, like 6?  

try this...
if you have windows xp installed...
goto start > right click on my computer > properties

then goto hardware tab, then click device manager.
click on the display adapters and then highlight your mobility adapter and delete it by hitting delete or by right clicking on it and selecting uninstall.

then reboot.

now reinstall the newest drivers for the radeon and see if that helps.


Oh mygodness. i tried almost all of the above mentioned suggestions:

a. I formatted my computer recently. Therefore equivalient to reinstalled my display adapter..
b. I checked process running behind is abt 41. no any weird things using up my memory...
c. shd be virus-free prog. scanned with norton 2004.

Therefore, i m getting more and more suspect is it due to hardware problem?? If it is, i cant believe tat a monitor will only flicks when playing flash animation!
I havent tested with games, but i tested with 3Dmarks2003 as i mentioned before, doesnt flick..

Except games, any other way to test my monitor?

(well, at the same time i will try to find a game..)


I tested a 3d Game, works very fine!!

Any way to further prove this is hardware or software problem?

Possible to have faulty monitor which flickers only when playing flash??
have you emailed anyone at macromedia to see if anyone else has ever had an issue with flash flickering (even after all of the above mentioned suggestions have been attempted)??

maybe the people that made it could give a better answer.


I m asking...they are trying to solve also...

Meanwhile, here is a sample where i can see obvious flickering:


For me, flickering occurs at the very beginning, before the first title fly out! It is so abnormal since this was played perfectly smoothly in other laptops.

I m afraid could this be an imcompatibility issue between ATI mobility radeon 9200 and Macromedia Flash which has not yet been discovered?


I don't get any flicker...  My machine has a graphics card, but nothing special...

on a whole other topic...

I don't think Darude or his lawyers would appriciate the use of his audio track( Libre Sandstorm )....  I would recommend not using any audio that you have not purchased the rights to or that you have not created your self...  you can use a product like Mix Man Studio to created loops for your works and it is fairly cheap....

just a word of advice...

i dont get a flicker either.  i have a radeon mobility 9600 in my laptop but i dont have problems with it.  i also am using flash player 7.


Well, i m getting more and more hopeless...I have asked this question in acer helpdesk, macromedia, experts-exchange, notebook review, watlaptop....It seems like i m the only user in the world tat will c those animations with flicker.

(Rp, I m sorry abt tat, thanks for the recomendation on the software!)


I could care less, but I know the record label WILL care...  and more than you want them to  ;)



I have found the solution.

Tat is due to the imcompatibility of ATI mobility radeon 9200's driver with macromedia flash and ATI 's driver catalyst 4.0 can solved the problem!


I would like to make a refund.
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