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w3wp.exe CPU 100 %

Last Modified: 2012-05-04
I manage a web site. It was made with asp and a dll com object in vb6. This dll and asp site work on a a lot of win 2k server. I put it on a windows 2003 server standard edition and cpu after some minutes go 100% and statica page works, asp page doesn't. With a IISRESET I solve the problem but only for few minutes. I tried to configure IIS in IIS 5.0 compatibility mode, but now dllhost.exe cause cpu to 100%.
I checked all asp files and after the createObject I set to nothing the object. I saw the propeties of the dll project (retained in memory and  unattended excecution are both true).
I don't know what to do!!!
Help me
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I had something similar to that happen and it ended up being an infinite for loop that caused it.


Sampe app works on other servers


and, another strange thing i noticed. I put the app on one server and it wen fine for some days, than the problem began. I put today on another server (win 2003 also) and in the morning with a lot of user task manager was fine :
System idle process 99 % and w3wp 2/10 %. In the afternoon the disaster, few users and cpu 100% with w3wp consuming all cpu resources. I Also rebboted the server but without any good result
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i think that the problem was solved. It seems really strange. I will explain.  I noticed that when a user logged in , cpu increased about od 10/15 % , than i tried with some iis debugging utilities, and i suspected that there was something wrong in the login verify procedure. No loop, only a stored procedure that  was not working, because it tried to insert data on a Sql server Database that was not on that server. I corrected this Stored procedure. And today i got  no problem. But to be sure i will wait tomorrow!!!  
Similiar situation but there are 70+ websites running on a win2003 server and it is nearly impossible to go through each site to pinpoint which one is causing it. All seemed to be fine with win2k.

I have tried installing MS's IIS Debug Tools - but that just kills my web services (but is runs succesfully on another win2k server box).

My crude solution for now to keep things stable is to run Server Alive to check one of the sites and when it is non-responsive it issues an IIS restart.

the proplem resides within ms W2003 server, that some updates should be applyed, unfortionatly the updates should be obtained from ms no direct download is avalable

We had a similar problem with our web services running on  both IIS 5 and IIS6. The problem was cured when we set up the application pools parameters. We set the the recycling parameters to something more suitable for our needs. If you are running IIS in native mode, look in the Application Pools Properties and reduce the setting to cause a recycle before the 100% cpu utilization is realized. If you have multiple processors setting the web garden will increase performance and have additional service instances available while recycling is in process.

Hope this helps

We had a very similiar problem with the w3wp.exe when we were running into  infinite loop while building an Active Report with dynamic controls. We are actually lookin thru a DataReader and for some strange reason we landed into an infinite loop while readin the data reader.

There is one more problem tht I cud see with the w3wp.exe file, the memory usage keeps growing as the application runs for a while. this file approx consumes 70 to 80 Meg of Ram on the server and it never comes down. We hav a reporting Web appl on line and we only build reports. Max clients cub be between 15 to 20 and Max size of any file cud be between 3Meg to 15Meg ( worst case senario). Can anyone tell me wht cud be the problem.
W3Wp.exe is an executable, which comes into action whenever the server runs an application that sends data to / from the server.
Lets say you make an application which scrapes out all the pages on another domain, or scrapes out the websites coming up in Google rsults.(The various extensions which may be used by people to make such applications are MSXml, Winhttp, ASP Tear etc). An application using these extensions are used by some one for the purpose of making transactions of mass amounts of data to / from the internet and w3wp moves into action. The problem with this little executable is that it starts squeezing out the CPU.

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Goto cmd prompt..type ( iisapp and enter...U will get a list of application pools and the PID nr in cmd window.Now open the task bar and see the PID of the w3wp.exe file idenify the same in cmd prompt u can pind down te site if its a multisite server...Most its the cause of an infinate loop and some heavy download or execution of files in that site ( Sometimes even downloading Mp3 or A/V files might cause this issue... IF you have Coldfusion plz check the logs too and see if any infinate loop is on its way causing this trouble.
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