Visual C++ Int to CString?

Can someone tell me how to convert int variable to CString one, and other way around? Examples for both would be really nice.

I read something about atoi, but havent figured it out, what is radix?

iNumber = 40;
strReturn = strA + ":" + iNumber;

I'm new, dont laugh :P
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jkrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You'd use

strReturn.Format ( "%s:%d", strA, iNumber);
BTA, you could also use '_itoa()' (a radix is the numerical base, e.g. 2 in the binary and 10 in the decimal system), but it'd be more cumbersome:

   char buffer[20];
   int  iiNumber = 40;
   _itoa( iNumber , buffer, 10 );

   strReturn = strA + ":" + buffer;
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