VBSCRIPT something link BrowseForFile as BrowseForFolder

Is there any way to display a "BrowseForFile" dialog, similar to the
  BrowseForFolder method of the shell object?  I am
  looking for a way to allow the user to select a FILE or a FOLDER

  Is this possible in VBScript?
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GhostModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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If you mean in a web page you just need HTML:

<input type="file">

hasnutAuthor Commented:
So, can I select Folder?

Option Explicit

Const SerSetRoot_desktop            = 0    
Const SerSetRoot_programs           = 2    
Const SerSetRoot_controlpanel       = 3    
Const SerSetRoot_printers           = 4    
Const SerSetRoot_documents          = 5    
Const SerSetRoot_favorites          = 6    
Const SerSetRoot_startup            = 7    
Const SerSetRoot_recent             = 8    
Const SerSetRoot_sendto             = 9    
Const SerSetRoot_startmenu          = 11  
Const SerSetRoot_drives             = 17  
Const SerSetRoot_network            = 18  
Const SerSetRoot_nethood            = 19  
Const SerSetRoot_fonts              = 20  
Const SerSetRoot_templates          = 21

Code 1 End

Here in code 1 we see we can set root as we like. Those are the constant values.


 Code 2 Starts

Function BrowseForAnything(ShowText, BrowseInformation, SetRoot)
 On Error Resume Next
 Dim AppShell, ReturnFolder,  WshShell, errorcode,ColonPosition

 Set AppShell = WScript.CreateObject("Shell.Application")
 Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

 Set ReturnFolder = AppShell.BrowseForFolder(&H0, ShowText, BrowseInformation, SetRoot)
 BrowseForAnything = ReturnFolder.ParentFolder.ParseName(ReturnFolder.Title).Path

   errorcode = err.number
   If errorcode <> 0 Then
 If errorcode = 424 then
  BrowseForAnything = Null
      ColonPosition = InStr(ReturnFolder.Title, ":")

          If ColonPosition > 0 Then
    BrowseForAnything = Mid(ReturnFolder.Title, ColonPosition - 1, 2) & "\"
       End If
 End If
    End If
End Function

I need: if file is selected then return value should be the file path+file name
if directory selected then show the Directory/folder path (ITS ALLREADY THERE)

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I have no idea what you are trying to do.  I don't use vbscript. From what I can see though, if it runs at all on a web page it is going to throw all kind so security alerts and a lot of fire walls will block it.

If you are trying to preset the path the user goes to, you will have a hard time, because the browser has specific security routines to prevent that.

hasnutAuthor Commented:
Just rename it vbs and run it. You will see the Browse for Folder Window, I have the asp code of this.

hasnutAuthor Commented:
INTERESTING NO ONE ANSWERING MY QUESTION? If anyone interested I can give you much big points
No, you cannot select a File in the same way that you select the folder. Trust me, I have spent a long time trying to do it. The best you could do is display a list of the files in the directory selected.

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