How to import from Oracle 9i R2 into Oracle 9i R1?

I have and export file from an Oracle 9i R2 database. The file was exported without errors. However, when I try to import the ".dmp" file into an Oracle 9i R1 database I receive numerous error messaages to include 922 and 945. Is there anyway to accomplish this important?
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baonguyen1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
westergardhcw, this rule is advised to apply if you want to export and import from/to different db version. You have to export using the lowest export utility involve the process, means 9i R1  in this case. IMport with the target import utility, 9iR1.

Hope this helps
Hi westergardhcw,

It is safe to assume that you'll have a similiar experience for any Oracle version difference as is written about in this solution.

I'd try using the 9iR2 tools for the import assuming that was used for the export.  Same suguestion as baonguyen1, just flipped around.

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