XP Pro cannot join W2K Domain

About two (2) weeks ago, my company purchased 4 new PC for the existing Network.  For testing purposes, I built one (1) computer up with Windows XP Pro and joined it to the W2K Domain.  Everything went well, after installing the software that was needed, I began to notice that it had the same IP Address as another computer.  This is where the problem started.  The TCP/IP Setting are setup correctly for the workstation, it has a dynamic IP to start off with and when to breifly solve the problem I changed it to a Static IP Address.  I did not get a problem with the IP Addresses conflicting but it did still work with the same IP Address as another WinXP Pro computer.  After discovering that certain new versions of software couldn't play nice with each other.  I reformatted the hard drive, reinstalled Windows XP Pro and tried to join it to the W2K Domain again but with no luck.  Error message was a standard "Cannot find Domain Controller, would you like to try again or readd another time" I tried to add the computer to the network after the install had finished but again with on luck.  Error message "Domain Controller of your Domain cannot be contacted.  Please check if you have typed in the correct spelling etc etc" It is spelt correctly.  After this I tried to add it manually, going to the server and adding it in to the AD and even the DNS and giving the workstation a static IP address.  Still no luck.  
I have other computers, new and old that have been purchased before these that are connected to the Domain and are working fine, expect when Sales use them the wrong way.  I have tried all four (4) new computers and each have the same problem.

I have tried to look through Technet and on here but some come close and a lot don't.  If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

Cheers and thank you
dtmillsIT ProfessionalAsked:
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sirbountyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Kind of difficult to swallow on this end as well...
I'd give this a shot to further test the 'bad NIC' - theory...

Download Bart's network boot disk (http://www.nu2.nu/bootdisk/network/).
It's got support for many standard NICs.  If you can ping/connect to your server using this, odds are it's not the NIC...

But after a complete reinstall, I am certainly leaning more towards hardware failure.

Where are you getting your drivers for the NIC?
Have you downloaded Windows Updates?
Try this:
If you use the NetBIOS domain name, you can join the domain.

This error will occur if the TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Service is NOT running on the client computer.

To resolve this issue:

1. Log on to the client with administrative privileges.

2. Start / Run / Services.msc / OK.

3. Double-click the TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Service.

4. Change the Startup type to Automatic and press Apply.

5. Press the Start button under Service status.

6. When the Service status is Started, press OK.

7. Close the snap-in.

8. Join the domain.
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Hi dtmills,

Make sure your DHCP server is set up with options 005 and 006 for the scope (or Global Option).


Netman66, MCSE, MCT
Microsoft MVP Team
Accepted solution from this PAQ (http:Q_20840048.html - credit awabid)

>>Give the ip of default gateway and DNS server of that server which needs to be joined. For example. If Machine A has to join server 1, then the DNS and default gateway on machine A should be IPs of server 1.<<
dtmillsIT ProfessionalAuthor Commented:
G'day All,

SirBounty, these were some of the first things I have tired expect for http://www.jsiinc.com/subg/tip3300/rh3304.htm the server doesn't have the command dcdiag on the server anywhere. I have have to add it. (Just want to say I didn't build this server, it was here when I got here)

I have manually setup both sides with the right subnet and IP addresses for DNS, gateways etc etc and still no luck.  I should have said that in the question above.

Netman66.  Again this is one of the things I checked and it's ok.  I think windows automatically sets it up to that anyway but I didn't double check and still nothing wrong there

It is not an easy one guys and I'm afraid it may stump some people
Have you tried adding the DC to your LMHOSTS file?
Under %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc (normally C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc).
There's an LMHOSTS.SAM file there.
Edit it, follow the layout there, and add your DC and it's IP address.
Save the file without the .SAM extension in the same folder.
Then from a command prompt type:

dtmillsIT ProfessionalAuthor Commented:

I didn't think of doing that but I have tried it and still no joining DOMAIN.

Anymore ideas?
Have you tried going to device manager, go into the property page of the NIC card, and manually change the MAC address of the network card?

- Info
Try putting in the fully qualified name of your domain... (instead of stuff - use stuff.something.com)

Also - can you ping your DC?
Start->Run->CMD <ENTER>

 PING MyDC.something.com

 NSLOOKUP MyDC.something.com

 TRACERT MyDC.something.com

And Double-check your DHCP reservations.

Post back...

If you are trying to connect to the domain using the same computer name you were before you reinstalled XP then you will need to "reset" the computer in AD on the server. Right click on the computer name on the server and choose "Reset".

dtmillsIT ProfessionalAuthor Commented:
Trying to PING the server from the workstation and trying to PING the workstations from Server doesn't work.  I did have a computer joined to the domain but when I rebuilt this computer and reinstalled Windows XP Pro, it couldn't join the domain anymore.  Any computer that tred to join the domain cannot.  I have tried both the short and long domain names and still nothing.  The workstation continues to say the same thing "Domain Controller of your Domain cannot be contacted" but I have had this computer connected to the Domain and I didn't install Windows XP Pro differently from the first time.

I have reseted, deleted and recreated the AD Record and have tried with other names as well.

Sirbounty, pinging it cannot do.  reports with a timed out message even though it is on the same subnet.  I have double check the DHCP and everything is right.  the IP Address I have given to the workstation an IP Address that I have reserved out for tests etc.  I have no reason to believe the NIC is the problem due to the fact that these are brand new computers and 4 cannot have failed NICs and the first one was working 100% right.

InfoTrader, Manually changing the MAC Address?

I'm still trying things here as well
If you can't ping, then there's a communication problem somwhere.
Can you avoid using the reservation and just allow it to grab a valid lease assignment OR even set up a static address that you've verified is free?
dtmillsIT ProfessionalAuthor Commented:
sirbounty,  I checked the cable and the ports on the swtich and everything is working the way it should be.  I know it is something to do with the communication side of things but everything seems to be working correctly and I did have the computer talking to the server before I rebuilt it.  The only thing I can think of is maybe unistalling TCP and then reinstall it but I since the first sign of problems with the new computers not being able to join the domain, I must have refomatted and reinstalled Windows XP Pro about 3 or 4 times now.
Nah - if you've reformatted, not necessary to reinstall TCP/IP.
My guess is it's something on the DHCP server-side.
Try removing these reservations and just let them broadcast for a valid lease...
dtmillsIT ProfessionalAuthor Commented:
sirbounty.  what does the DHCP have to do with a workstation not being able to locate the Damain Controller.  Doesn't the worstation send out a broadcast and the server replies.  After that the DHCP will then do it's thing?????
You said you were using reservations?
>>the IP Address I have given to the workstation an IP Address that I have reserved out for tests etc.<<

Remove these from DHCP and have these machines pick up an unreserved address...
dtmillsIT ProfessionalAuthor Commented:
I have removed the reservations and tried again but still no luck.  The workstation is now using an IP Address that isn't being used by anyone other computer.  
And can you ping the DC?

Try this in order.

PING (or whatever IP address was received)
PING (or whatever the router address is)
PING (or whatever the DC is)

Post back with the results...
dtmillsIT ProfessionalAuthor Commented:
Ping (loopback) works fine and so does it's own
there is no router just a dumb switch but there is only timed out replied from pinging the server.  this is from the workstation.

From server, everything is fine but
What about
TRACERT (server)
and the reverse from the server.

Can you try from another port, with another cable and with another NIC?
Something's definitely preventing communication here...
dtmillsIT ProfessionalAuthor Commented:
I have tried different ports and different cables.  I was going to try a different NIC as a last option but 4 brand new computers and no NICs working on them at all? and the NIC was working (I had the workstation logged onto the Domain before)  Tracert only brings up stars (timed out)

Looks like it's the NIC's turn to be tested.  I hate onboard NICs
Ooh - me 2. :D
There's no chance the BIOS was reset on these and the default is 'disable onboard NIC"??
dtmillsIT ProfessionalAuthor Commented:
I check the CMOS or BIOS on the computer I'm trying to log on to the Domain and onpe...it's turned on.  I think it's on by default.  Time to put a network card in and see what happens.  I hate onboard NICs and it's getting harder to by a motherboard without something onboard already.
>> I hate onboard NICs <<
Me too...me too...
I'd be almost embarrased to tell you how long my latest server upgrade took b/c of trouble with the embedded NIC (not to mention embedded audio)...
Good luck!
dtmillsIT ProfessionalAuthor Commented:
Work or Fail, I'll post again but I still can't believe that 4 brand new computers have NICs that aren't working 100%
Did you get it working?
What's the resolution here?
dtmillsIT ProfessionalAuthor Commented:
I found the problem and awarded you the points.  It was a communications error but with the switch itself.  The ports I was using weren't working.  I have no idea what was going on because I used ports that were being used and weren't being used.  I discovered that the onboard NIC was working because I plugged it directly into another computer and the two (2) talked 100%.  I later called in a favour and replaced the swtich with a brand new swtich and everything was working again.  

I gave you the points because you were right about the communications problem and gave it to the last entry you gave because it took all of the above to work it out.

Thanks again for all your help
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