Computer won't turn on!


I was downloading files on my computer and I left it to run itself.

After 15 mins the computer went into standby as usual. After about an hour I went to check on it and the computer wasn't responding. The monitor is still working but the computer won't turn on now.

A brief flash of the keyboard lights and then it just stays as is - with the main lights on the computer working.

It doesn't boot. Its Windows 98 SE.

Do you think I blew a fuse or power. Will my files still be okay? - the main question.

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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Lights can come on, but the power supply might still be insufficient to boot up or it could be erratic.  You will need to find out if a different power supply will fix it, and it's not likely your had disk is doing anything to cause it.
Your files are probably ok, if you didn't have a huge surge that knocked out the machine - you can take the hard drive out and hook it up as a slave in another system and it will probably work.

What isn't working anymore is another story: it could be the power supply, the video card, the cpu, or the motherboard.  You are going to have to start switching parts out to find out what is the bad part.  Try power supply first, then video card, then cpu, and if it still doesn't work, it's probably the motherboard.  It is also possible more than one of these things failed.
keevoAuthor Commented:
thanks. i'll give it a go
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when you power the computer on does the monitor light go from yellow to green?
keevoAuthor Commented:
no it doesn't.

i turn the monitor on and it says "signal mode" or somethin like that.

Its like its waiting for the computer to come on.

I'm goin to try and dissect it tonight
keevoAuthor Commented:
i've tested all pci slots and ram. taking everything out individually. The monitor works on another computer. do u think it could be that the hard drive is too full? its a 10 GB hard drive and i might hav downloaded too much for it.

any other suggestions are welcome. Will I go and get a new power supply? - lights still come on so i think the power is okay.

its puzzling. any help - much appreciated

ps i hooked the hard drive up to another computer and all my files are okay. forgot to check the capacity though
keevoAuthor Commented:
nice one. you get the points. i'll try a new power supply
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