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Wireless Network Adapter spoilt the system's tcp/ip

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Last Modified: 2013-11-09
i have a Fujitsu S6010 notebook and a Zonet ZEW1000IU PCMCIA type II 802.1b wireless adapter.

my notebook is running on windows XP professional and i'm using active sync for my pocket pc. my notebook is connected to the internet through LAN.

after i've installed my wireless adapter and rebooted windows, an error dialog popped up immediately after i log in into windows.

the message was:
  Mobile device Properties
  the tcp/ip transport was not installed. xxxxx......

after ignoring the message, i realized that all my networking devices couldn't work properly. i can't access to the internet anymore... my notebook couldn't get an IP from DHCP server either. when i tried to renew the IP (with ipconfig /renew), an error occurs and it said that the tcp/ip protocol was not installed. i've checked the LAN adapter properties, the tcp/ip protocol is already listed and checked.

besides, my wireless adpater can detect the available networks around me, but can access because of the same tcp/ip error. i've used the latest device drivers.

after several trial and error, i found out that the pop up message during the start up was because of the active sync. somehow, the wireless adapter installation has corrupted my window's tcp/ip.

what should i do, in order to use my wireless lan adapter without interferring other devices or cofigurations?
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Check the properties of your "LAN" network.  You can select which network device it uses to connect.

Where it says (at the top)  Connect Using...  you will probably see your new wireless adapter listed.  Change that to your other adapter and it should go back to the way it was.

Create a new network connection for your wireless, that way you will now have 2 networks.

I'm pretty sure all that happened was your default network card was replaced by the new wireless card in your LAN connection settings.

Hope that helps.


no.. you didn't get my point.

it's not about choosing which adpater.
it's about the tcp/ip protocol installed in my system.

even when i uninstalled my wireless adapter, hoping that everything goes back to normal... the tcp/ip error still remains.
What do you get when you do a START->RUN->Type "ipconfig/all"
Did you install the right drivers for your device? and did you check the vendors website for newer ones?

1. Use the netsh command to reset the TCP/IP protocol stack. According to this article, resetting the stack has the same effect as uninstalling and reinstalling:


2. If you find your network connections aren't working quite right, then you might find the NIC repair utility helpful. The repair utility is a lot faster than restarting the computer!
Click Start and then click Control Panel
In the Control Panel switch to Category view and click on the Network and Internet Connections icon
On the Network and Internet Connections page, click on the Network Connections icon
Right click on your Local Area Connection and click Repair. The Repair Connection dialog box will appear and inform you that the Repair operation has completed. Click OK.



it's no use... although i cllicked the repair button on the LAN adapter... the problem still occurs.

even if i uninstalled my wireless adapter.. the tcpip problem is still there... the OS thinks that i did not install the tcpip protocol!



yes.. i'm using the latest driver
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you know what.... i gave the wrireless adapter to someone else who can use it already. so, how am i going to check with netsh?
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run it and read the log file, and test your connectivity
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