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Windows server 2003 SBS can not create email account for new user

huan_y asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-19
In Windows server 2003 SBS, when setup new user, can not create email account for him. not matter using AD users and computers or server management console, everytime 2k3 said email account has been created, but in email account tag, it is blank. in Exchange server manager, can not see the user mailbox. is there someone have seen this problem?
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1.  When you create new user, you need to create the user on the computer that is the Exchange server.  If not, you'll need to install the administrative component of Exchange server on whichever machine you are running the ADUC.

2.  AFTER you create a new user and a new email account, right-click on the user you just created and select "SEND MAIL".  The email account will be created once a new email has been send.

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Hi infotrader
for SBS, the AD controller and Exchanger are in same computer, for the first 6 users I created, everyone has the email account, but after that no matter which way I used, the email account could not be created. you even can not use outlook gobal contact address to send email to the new user.

Jip have the same problem now, you probably only have a 5 CAL license, check it, it will create the user but when you try to create the 7th user it will not create the Exchange tags, emailaddresses, Showinaddresslist and so on, upgrade your license or delete users and try again.

c u

its in the server management, licenses
that's it, ez... I didn't even think about the cal license thingy.  good job

- Info


thank guys, I also think this possiblity as well, I discuss with Microsoft online chat, he does not either. for sure my doubt, I purchased another 5 CALs (fortunately I still can have this right) and add on the server. but after that, I try agian, the new users still do not have the email accounts.
 probably before I add additional CALs, I alreday add more users (more than 5), that blocks the following new users again. so I will delete all of the new users first, then recreate agian.
I will give you feedback on next Monday.
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think you very much for everyone. Andrew's solution fix the problem. one releated article in Microsoft is: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;275294&Product=exch2003. but this is not exactly happen in my place. because I have one server hosts all domain controller and exchange server. anyhow, I am please to have this fixed. thank you very much again.

Andrew & Huan,

I had the same problem. This same fix sorted me out. See KB 823153. Microsoft recommends that you always perform a rebuild after you make a change to the organizational policy on SMTP addressing. (I changed the DNS domain name).


I am having the same problem and i have a question about the solution.

is there any way to tell how long it takes for the rebuild to finish running?  I ran it and nothing seem to happen except that it asked me if i wanted to continue even though it could take a few hours.  I just want to make sure it is running.


Yes it is running. From what I can recall (some time ago now) - I had the same question to continue. In my case I can remember the rebuild process ran two or three times. I ended up leaving it running overnight. And at that time the Exchange organization was quite small. So probably depending on your size - give it 8h+. hth

so i take it there is no "percent complete"?

also is there any way i can stop it without damaging anything cuz when i started it, i was under the assuption that it would only take 4 hours according to the posts previous and i need to reset the server because of some other work im doing?

No, unfortunately not. I checked my log with Event Viewer and there was progress there either. I didn't try interupting the process. But it is a bad idea.
(1) You could corrupt the data being rebuilt
(2) You have to do it anyway. So if you quit, you'll just have to start from scratch.

Can't the restart wait?

it can wait until later today, i just came in early to fix another problem that requires the server to be restarted.  I was think that the rebuild would be done by the time i got into the office but it wasnt.  I guess ill wait and do the reset while everyone is on lunch break.that will be in 6 hours so hopefully the rebuild will be done by then.

Now, after the enterprise rebuild is done, do i have to do the domain rebuild immeadiately or can i do the restart and the other work i need to do in that gap between rebuilds?

The microsoft website says that an event will be logged stating that the rebuild is done so i assume i am just waiting for that or should i wait for somthing else?

Also, is there any other useful information i need to know?

BTW post in this topic so i can give you points for the same issue that we have been dicussing.


thanks for you help
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