remove network neighborhood

I recently installed a home network and configured a window 98 system using my xp disk.
I now want to remove all computers from or delete them from my network neighbor hood.

thanks Greg
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JammyPakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, you'll have to enable internet connection sharing on the XP machine (see link)

then, you need to change the TCP/IP properties on the ME and 98 machines to use the XP system as their default gateway (ie. enter the IP address of the XP machine in the default gateway field)
I am not sure if I can understand your question as well or not...
If you just want to remove the network neighborhood then you can goto:

Control Panel => Network => Select your Network Adapter => Click Remove.

Rich WeisslerProfessional Troublemaker^h^h^h^h^hshooterCommented:
Alternatively, if you want network neighborhood to appear, but you don't want a machine to appear to the browser, it can be disabled from:
  To hide a server from the browser, edit:


  Add value "Hidden" (REG_DWORD) and set it to "1".

  Reboot the server. It may take up to ½ hour for the server to disappear from the browse lists.

  (Same result can be acheived by executing NET CONFIG SERVER /HIDDEN:YES on the workstation.)

  Value Name: Hidden
  Data Type: REG_DWORD
  Data:(0=disable, 1=enable)

Or to hide the entire network from network neighborhood:
  Navigate to the key below using Regedit.exe and change the value of "NoEntireNetwork" to one of the settings below.

Value Name: NoEntireNetwork
Data Type: REG_DWORD
Data:(0 = disabled, 1 = enabled)

(If that still isn't want you want to do... it might be worth looking through the rest of these help topics.)
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Greg54Author Commented:
I may not of described what I want to do correctly.
What i want to do is delete users or computers from my network neighborhood.
I want to delete all users or the network cleaned up so I can start again.

network neighbourhood is maintained by the browser service - it's a dynamic list that's stored in RAM. As such, you cannot edit it directly. It will change to reflect the current situation given the time...

If your PC is the Master Browser, then rebotting it will effectively wipeout the Network Neighbourhood, but of course it will just start rebuilding the list again.

Deleting users is another NT, use User Manager, in Active Directory, use 'Active Directory Users and Computers'

HTH, please clarify if you need more detial
Rich WeisslerProfessional Troublemaker^h^h^h^h^hshooterCommented:
*confused*  And if you only have a single computer on your home network, but are seeing a number of OTHER machines in your network neighborhood, I would suspect that you have a really wide open broadband internet router.  It may be worth blocking TCP/UDP ports 135-139, and 445 (at a minimum) on your router!

Basically backing up: What machines are on your local network?  Are there machines appearing in your network neighborhood that are not known to you within your local network?  Are there machines appearing which you control, but don't want to see in the network neighborhood?

(You can think of the network neighborhood as your computer looking out on the local street and calling out, "Anyone there?"  It collects the answers of, "Yep, DAVE-0x54284", "Si, Jose-78sd222" etc and presents them to you.  There is usually so much of that traffic that eventually it was decided that one machine would keep track of who had been talking on the network.  In this case it becomes, "Anyone there?", and one machine responds back, "Yea, Bob here -- I've seen these machines in the neighborhood recently... <list>"  So what JammyPak is exactly right -- it isn't something you customarily delete from.  The registry changes I mentioned were just options to tell machines not to respond to "Anyone there?" )
Greg54Author Commented:
No actually I have 3 computers on my network mine xp being the first.
my second is an me and my 3rd is a win98.
actually i set up the win98 configuration wrong using my xp cd i should not of set them up as a gateway.
I ment to use my xp and firewall to protect the other computers and for them to go through me. (Little Kids)
so that is why I wanted to delete the 2 computers from the network and start over so I could configrure them correctly.

So I think that all you want to do is reconfigure the network settings for the PCs....for 98, go into the Control Panel, then 'network' for the XP, you want to go in to Network Connections and modify the Local Network Connection

I have to admit I'm a bit unsure of what the exact change is that you're looking to make...are you changing the default gateway? Anyway, you shouldn't have to delete anything or reinstall to reconfig the network.

I *think* you're saying that you want to use Internet Connection Sharing on XP, and then have the 98 machine use you as a gateway? Anyway, these are just reconfigs, not major things...

Greg54Author Commented:
thats what I want to do so how do i reconfig them to use my connection
Mine is xp
1 is me
1 is 98

ps. You have probably noticed that where this question is going has virtually no relation to your original post "remove network neighborhood". That's one of the reasons why there was some confusion in the early goings. For future, I always find it best if people describe what the current scenario is (including O/S, and network configuration), and what they are trying to accomplish as the end result. More details usually gets to a faster answer.... :)
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