Thanks you guys for replies to my boot up problem but surely you are bombarding me with really over complicated stuff and the problem could be more simple. I told you I AM NOT AN EXPERT and therefore do not understand all this complex stuff you are throwing at me. You may be impressing each other with your depth of knowledge but the jargon is just riding off the top of my head.  Surely if you guys are experts you can put it in simple language to a non expert !
The computer in question is brand new so how canit have "bad memory" ?
I am having to rely on INTUITION - "simple cause and effect". If my computer was working perfectly before I installed ULEAD Videostudio 5.0. and then I experienced blue screen shutdown, I dont need to be  Einstein to reckon the first port of call is to remove the ULEAD programme which I thought I had.  I have today managed to access ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMMES via SAFEMODE and see that ULEAD is still there but the live command is "change" not "uninstal" (which I
already clicked on previously). So I then went into PROGRAMME FILES and was about to delete the ULEAD folder but intuition kicked in again and said no, dont touch programme files. Can I delete from Programme files ?

So please advise - how do I remove the ULEAD Videostudio software if it wont uninstall in ADD/REMOVE programmes.



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You can go into the registry (start-run-and type regedit) and do a search for all entries of Ulead. Make sure you select my computer in the registry window. Then click ctrl+f. It will open a window. type ulead and enter. Now it will search for all entries with ulead. If it show something, make sure it ihas something to do with the program and click delete. Then hit F3 to search for the next entry.

But be beware that it can be dangerous to get in the registry and delete things. So if you delete somthing , make sure it has to do something with Ulead Videostudio.
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi JezBroun,

Please respond in your original question (http:Q_20926419.html)

fyi, also new computers can have bad memory.
Also, you should be able to click "change" as that will start the uninstall function.

Ask a 0-point question at http:/Community_Support/ to get this one deleted.


Christopher McKayMicrosoft Network AdministratorCommented:

It appears you are not receiving the information you wish. I will attempt to explain it for you.

Please note, I do not wish to insult or offend you, the following is simply an attempt to explain what is (potentially) happening with your system.

First off, I'm assuming you are referencing the problem you have posted here:
(This link is provided for other experts to review and hopefully assist.)

Now, to deal with the question listed in this thread:

The reason you should not delete folders or files located in the "Program Files" folder is because the program used to remove the software from your system could fail to remove the software if these folders are altered, or missing.

When you chose to remove the program, it may need to complete a proper reboot to finish removing everything from your system.

Now to (hopefully) help clarify the statements of the other experts in your other thread.

The error message that your system is showing, is typically due to a failure in hardware in your system.
The hardware that this error message references is the RAM.
RAM is a type of memory that is used by many different applications in your system.
The failure you are experiencing could may be caused by you installing ULEAD Videostudio, but it is unlikely. There is a better chance that the occurance of this failure and the timing of you installing this software are coincidental.

If you do not feel like pursuing a fix for this hardware error message, the I would recommend that you take it to the place you purchased it, and complain about this error message. They should be able to fix it by replacing the bad memory module for you.

Hope this helps!


JezBrounAuthor Commented:
Thanks Bartender for your "user friendly" answer ! No I am not a complete computing idiot but there are so many levels of expertise which is a point perhaps worth mentioning to the webmaster/editor as it might save a lot of hassle if
questions put by punters like me are graded according to knowledge level, otherwise huge assumptions are made about jargon.

I am a woodworker (I have taughtmself how to create woodworking DVDs which I sell to the UK market) and if I started talking about long and short shouldered diminished mortice and tenons or medullary rays and lignum vitae
to someone who wants me to fix a broken chair... get my meaning !

Getting back to my computer problem, I will take the computer back to the vendor - now the third time which is why I decided to join this forum to try to learn to fix things myself.

The consensus on this forum seems to point to "Bad memory" which I spoke with the vendor about this morning before these replies and he just laughed as the computer is new - (Canadian - "Small Form Factor System"), so I will have to take the computer back to him and askhimto fix it.

To lucf -  yes, I tried clicking on "change" but it did nothing.

JezBroun (UK)
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