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**URGENT** IIS HTTP 500 Internal Server Error


This question is very urgent as I have a problem with a website that my company hosts (or needs to host!). The setup is a bit complicated to explain, so I'll try my best.

The setup:

Windows 2000 Server SP3 (Can't go to SP4 yet - not the standard. But if there is a fix in there which fixes this I may have a case to do it)
IIS 5.0
.NET Framework 1.1
This server is in a DMZ (firewall either side of it - 1 between my companies network and 1 between the internet and it)
The internet firewall also using NAT, so it's something like this (for example):

Internet ( -> Server IIS Website (

This server has multiple websites setup on it, each with a different IP, the default not running and 3 others. 2 of them work fine. The 3rd doesn't just always gives me a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. Turning on show friendly error messages just gives me "Internal Server Error". Bear in mind that this server also has IPs and Then each of these IPs are NATed to internet IPs which have hostnames on the internet (for the different websites). These hostnames are in the host header fields of each in IIS too.

All I am trying to get to work (firstly) is the showing of a simple HTML page, but it won't even show that! It works when I create a virtual directory to this website that doesn't work, from a website which does, but not as the actual website.

So any ideas? I have seriously tried everything... anonymous access is enabled, NTFS rights are everyone, most settings are default, running on port 80.... Could the fact that we have 3 websites running on the same box make a difference? I've been through MSKB article regarding this error, but none of the "fixes" fix it. I guess it could be some werid routing error... but what I have no idea. I really just have no ideas left!

Please help.
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Yes, with the other 2 stopped still the same problem. I have rebooted the box a few times aswell. And from internally/locally I get the same error unfortunately.

It doesn't say any details either, like error in asp or anything.
So if you getting the same error locally, then there is a probelm with the setup..
What about going through computer management then try to show the site does it work that way..
Also try it on the box ie.. http:\\localhost\...
Does that have the same problem..
You have set up the correct rights for that web folder as well...
Well, because the default website (which listens on localhost) is stopped, I can't do http://localhost. This website listens on another IP address on the same box. Because the box has no DNS (cause in the DMZ it can't see our DNS server) I have put in the hostname of the website (on the internet) and the local IP address this server is listening on in the hosts file. Then I can go into computer management \ internet service manager and go into the website and right click browse on the html file in there. This of course gives me the HTTP 500 error again. However, this method works for the other websites.
This error is just so annoying, it doesn't tell me anything. There is so many resolutions or fixes for this problem it is unbelievable. Any way to get some more detail of whats going on, like maybe a IIS error log?
Ok I think its a rights issue on that Web folder.. Double check rights on folder..
Pete, trouble is I don't have any ASP pages or anything. Only a simple HTML page... it's more of a general problem I believe than a problem with a certain type of pages. Everything gives the HTTP 500 error.
Just checked the rights on the web folder. I guess you mean the "web sharing" tab? On the folder it has "/" listed and when I edit properties I have read ticked and under application permissions I have scripts with a dot in it. These are the same settings that the other websites have.
dont you need to be looking at rights from the IIS console??????
Yes, but setting them through explorer is just another way of doing it.
I'm beginning to think this is some kind of werid routing problem, due to the port filtering and protection of our DMZ.
>>Yes, but setting them through explorer is just another way of doing it.

Not as far as Im aware? the only time you need to get involved with permissions in explorer is granting rights to the IUSR_machinename account all other Web permissions are handled by IIS admin
No, in Explorer there is another tab called "Web Sharing".

See here:
I've fixed it! In the end it was a problem with the IP address assigned to the site, we have setup a new range and it all works fine. Wonder why IIS called this a HTTP 500 error though. Very strange. It could have given me a bit more info, that would have helped! oh well!

Thanks for all your help guys. I'm gonna give the points to 1stITMAN, cause he was kind of on the right lines, with the internal/externally bit.

Cheers :)