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Autoextent in Oracle

How to know that a table space is having a autoextent after the tablespace is created .

Can any one give me the solution . This is some thing urgent .

1 Solution
YOu can try this:

select FILE_NAME, TABLESPACE_NAME, AUTOEXTENSIBLE from  dba_data_files ;

Maybe also include BYTES (to see how large data-file is) and MAXBYTES (how large data-file can grow to )

in the above query from baonguyen1
which version of oracle? In oracle 7.3 it is different.
In version 7 , you should query sys.filext$.

 desc sys.filext$ ;
 Name                            Null?    Type
 ------------------------------- -------- ----
 FILE#                           NOT NULL NUMBER
 MAXEXTEND                       NOT NULL NUMBER  (no of db_blocks that file can extend to
 INC                             NOT NULL NUMBER    (no. of db_blocks file will increment by)

If there are no rows, then no data-files are autoextensible.

Join FILE# with file_id in dba_data_files to get file_name.

select d.file_name, f.maxextend, f.inc
  2  from sys.filext$ f, dba_data_files d
  3* where f.file# = d.file_id
hord SQL> /

FILE_NAME                       MAXEXTEND        INC
------------------------------ ---------- ----------
/db/hord/data/ct_test_01.dbf        25600       2560
the easies way is to use DBA Studio, goto Storage, then check datafiles for that tablespace (the autoextents are for datafiles not tablespaces)
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