Exchange 5.5 auto add signature

I need to know if its possible to make Exchange server 5.5 to add signature to outbound emails, depending on the email addres of the sender, so if i send an email from it will add: IT Manager phone and address, and if i send from it adds Sales Department phone and address.

And if its possible, how to do it??

Thanks a lot!
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danichConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It still won't do it automatically depending on criteria. It either adds to all or the user has to manually select an autosig to use. Just checked (the reference for all things Outlook) and found There are a couple of tools there that may fill the bill.
While Exchange 5.5 can be made to add an autosig to outbound mails, that level of functionality is not present. Create the autosig in Outlook and have the client do it.
zULuAuthor Commented:
So, i can make Outlook add something like

But not personalize it depending on the sender's email. :(
Well if no one can give me a solution (maybe a plugin????????), i'll accept ur answer

Thanks for your time ;)
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