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Good Book Recommendation

lichaa asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-03-18
I was wondering if you could give me the best book recommendation for learing to install and administer networrks for a company that manages about 250 computers.  Please list why you thinkg this book is the best
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What operating system on the desktop?  Server?


windows XP and server and desktop
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Thanks for the link, I'm also looking for somthing that helps you troublesshoot problems in the network.  I don't care abaout certification just how to get the job done.


Are these book any good?

Windows XP Professional Network Administration
Microsoft Windows XP Networking Inside Out
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Administrator's Pocket Consultant
What version of server?  There is no XP server?  2003 or 2000?

I have read over 15 books on networking and such.  I have came to the conclusion that the ONLY way to learn troubleshooting is experience.  It is very hard to teach troubleshooting because it is like a spiderweb... can go in ANY and all directions.
Learn the basics... learn connections and interactions between parts of the network... and don't stop learning.  
A thorough understanding of the processes and effects will better your T/S skills.  A lab environment is also very usefull.  A small domain network where you can go in and screw something up on purpose and see the effects it has on network usage.


Is there a book that lists common problems and error message and what there solution to those problems are.  I know experience is good but I want a book to get me going.

Honestly, the best way to read and learn t/s is here at EE.  Go through some of the closed posts and look for patterns and methodologies.  I spent three years of my USNavy time as an instructor.  The course was electronics theory and T/S.
the process included pounding the theory section into the little minds and send them to the lab to break stuff.
A thorough grasp on the theory will almost always create better troubleshooting skills

I have never read any of those titles.
I have browsed the Inside out series at book stores and didn't seem to bad.
I think I will look into that pocket consultant book... looks interesting


ok I'll leave this open till tomorrow for anymore suggestions then I'll distrbute points
I can't make any good recommendations unless I know the server OS.  :)


2003 server but also what needs to be done on the client side of xp machines

The best way to get familiar with troubleshooting Server 2003 , Server 2000, and any desktop environment is to just do plain old fashion research....No book will have all the answers that you could possibly need, and if there were id like to see what crane they lift it with :-)

Personally the best way to learn is to read every book you can get your hands on.....sounds like alot...but the crtification books give you a good place to start if you have now experiance or are not that familiar with the OS. I recommend Sybex Books.

On top of that, i would say you should probably spend about 50% of your time on EE and Microsoft Technet...both are great resources...as well as computing.net

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