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CVS on linux authenticating with an LDAP server or NT Domain users

marcalfa1 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-04
I have CVS server running on RH Linux Enterprise 3.0.  I have about 20 user with NT domain account which I need to give access to the CVS box.  How can I configure Linux to authenticate with my NT Domain users or my LDAP server so I won't have to create all 20 users locally on my Linux CVS servers.
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and for more information then you could ever possibly want about samba

But that's overkill ;-)

Have you used samba at all before or is this all new to you?


I have used samba before and it's install on the CVS sever running linux.  My problem is that I want my LDAP user to be able to authenticate with the CVS server without me having to create local accounts for every single users on the Linux server that's running CVS.

the second link I gave you will show you how to have your linux machine authenticate to the NT domain, you should then be able to setup your CVS server to use system accounts which would be read from the NT server

The simplest to set up is pam_ldap.
It's an authentication module which will query an LDAP server :

http://www.padl.com/OSS /pam_ldap.html
You have to synchronize your windows users with your linux/unix ones.  This is accomplished by setting up encryption with samba using the PAM module.  It really is a good idea to read the man pages and step through it...it is semi difficult but once you do it you never forget it.  try manning pam_smbpass

Don't forget to add this line to smb.conf too (after you get it set up of course)...had me going for 2 weeks...
obey pam restrictions = yes

also remember to make sure your netbios name is different on each of the samba machines.

It really works great with webmin (which is what I use).  I have to use it do to time constraints (I have a 40 hour a week job AND I do networking on the side).  You might give that a go.

I'm sorry all, but I don't understand why you want this user to install samba ???

He just wants to authenticate his users for CVS acces against his AD.

Using the AD's LDAP acces along with pam_ldap should be enough.
I got my PAMs crossed.  Ate a moron sandwich too. :)
Kinldy Let me know if there is a possibility of Authenticating CVS users through LDAP.
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