Outlook 2003 Server-side Rule Only Works When Manually Run

A problem with rules and forwarding:  We run Outlook 2003 connected to an Exchange 2003 server.  I have one particular rule that looks for certain words in the subject line of incoming emails and if those particular words are there, the rule is supposed to forward the email to an external email address, in this case a contact in my address book.  The mail in question comes into my mailbox but no rule runs.  If I manually go to my rules and run the specific rule in question, the message is forwarded to the proper email address as advertised.  Does anyone have any ideas as to why this rule will not run automatically?  The rule doesn't have "(client-side only)" next to the rule name but I've tried leaving my computer on with Outlook open in the event that it may somehow be a client side rule, with no success.  Also, the incoming emails in question are in HTML format, if that's important.
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spikeworldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
simple solution.. delete the rule and create the rule using outlook web access.. this rule will be created directly on the server.

why fight it..  
For Exchange, make sure the "Disable Automatic Replies to the Internet" is unchecked.

 Exchange  > Exchange System Manager > Global Settings> Internet Message Formats > Details, right-click a domain name > Properties. default SMTP domain is "*"

Properties > Advanced

Stop the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and Microsoft Exchange Routing Engine services, and then restart them.
squickelAuthor Commented:

Already configured as you suggest.

Additional information:  When we receieved an e-mail from the same sender in plain text to a different exchange mailbox WITH THE SAME RULE, the forwarding works just fine!!  That's why I mentioned the html, even though I'm not certain it's relevant.
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Did you try to assign a simple action to the message so as to separate the possible cause of the problem? I mean, can you find out first whether this is a "meet criteria issue" or a "forwarding issue"?
Has this -exact- rule ever worked for you, or did it change after, say an upgrade to 2003?

Also, if you have specified any thing in the To:, To or CC, etc condition of the rule, take that out and try to have the rule run on all incoming messages.
squickelAuthor Commented:
robinluo - it would appear this is more of a "meet the criteria" issue off the bat - if I run the rule manually on messages already in my inbox they are forwarded no problem.  Tried creating the rule many times with different criteria (sender, content in subject and body, etc) with no luck.  Have other rules that move messages to various local folders and they all run without a problem.
Mob-bom -the breaking point just happened out of the blue (ie, not after an upgrade of Outlook or Exchange) and it was the breaking that prompted the upgrade to Outlook 2003 to see if that would fix the issue.  Rule is applied to all incoming mail also.
Can you try disabling all of the other rules that you have except for this one, have someone send you a test that will trigger the rule's conditions? I'm wondering if maybe one of the other rules is causing the other not to work automatically.
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