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Contacts Deleting

jessnjeff asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-08
We are on Exchange and the laptop users use an offline file.  I have a Outlook XP laptop user who noticed a missing contact, and when we did a comparison back to October, he has 7 missing contacts.  Other than user error (he is the CIO), is there any reason why random contacts would 'spontaneously' delete?  Any ost file issues?  Higher point count due to the fact that he is demanding an answer.  I will accept leads that help me find the best solution/answer.
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Can you elaborate on the offline folder comment and handheld comment?  I know NOTHING about handheld syncing
Karen FalandaysTraining Specialist

Hi Jessnjeff,
Let's start with handheld synch, because that is more than likely the cause. Most handhelds use their own sync program, such as ActiveSync or Intellisync. Check their "details" or sync options. Almost always, it will be default set to remove contacts from desktop if they are deleted from handheld. Because of this, I disable the "contact" syncing in my handheld.

Check that out, let me know what you find and we'll go from there


Found out user does not have a handheld

I have exchange set-up such that I am the only one that can delete a contact.
Anyone can create, the author and the administrative assistant can modify, but only the sysadmin can delete. This eliminates user error. I'm of the old school that says I can't give users enough rope to hang themselves with.

If you are using Office XP, make sure you aren't having a problem with a local .pst contact list and either an on-line or .ost contact list. The contact may still exist in one of them.

Hope this helps!

Has the CIO synch the Offline Address Book?
It seems to me that it has to be done at least once to have it synchronized the next time he is leaving Outlook
Are the seven contacts created after October. They are maybe missing because the AddressBook has never been synch since creation


Also,  Do you have any Active antivirus software scanning the exchange directories and the information store?  I have had this exact problem with Symantec's Corporate edition removing pieces of exhange's information.  Just excluding these directories will stop the problem from re-occuring.

Check out the article here if this pertains to you



No real answer found.  We are going to accept that it must be user error.  He has about 5 delegates, so we are just going to monitor them.

I'm skeptical that it's user error. We (our head exec [cooincidence?]) is experiencing the same thing. Found another similar post that said whola, contacts came back after installing adaware, spybot, and security updates.  In process of tyring adaware.  Sounds stupid, right.  We are using outlook xp w/ exchange 5.5 sp4?  


FUnny we were on the same platform bonjg.  I will suggest this.

Since our platforms are similar, curious what virus protection are you using.  We have McafeeASAP on desktop and MVD products on servers.  FYI, here is a snip of the other post I found.

<snip> Anyway, here's my problem today. Here at work we are running Win XP Professional. My boss' computer was starting to delete contacts in her Outlook. They just seem to be disappearing. Then today I ran Spybot and Ad Aware, also Micorsoft Security update. And - wah-lah! The Contacts have returned! Is this something that you all have heard of before? Or is this just her system being weird? <snip>


We use Norton
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